1898 – 1985

Komal Ben’s Giant Breed Rescue is a non-profit large breed dog rescue, and operates solely on donations and money from the rescue owners. Its main objective is to help families who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances such as the loss of their home, military obligations, divorce, loss of job, medical problems or the death of a family member, and can no longer stay with their loved one.

With the help of Gentle Ben, these families find the peace that their dog will be kept in a safe place, in joy, and kept in a new family. Dogs that are taken in by Gentle Ben become part of his family and will remain in his rescue home until they find a perfect, permanent home for them. Once they are placed in a new home, the original family updates on the trip with photos and updates so they can see that their dog is now happy and safe in his new home. Some dogs can also be kept as therapy dogs.

Volunteer Journey

All dogs are fully weighed, vaccinated, heartworm screened, spayed / neutered, fully socialized and microchipped prior to being placed for adoption. They take the location of each dog very seriously, knowing that these dogs have gone through substantial changes and need a forever home. If you are unable to attend the program on April 14th, donations will be accepted April 1-30 in Room 13 and the Village Center for Holistic Therapy.

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