We are collecting shoe donations for dog donations at both Village locations from April 30 to April 30, with Nittany Greyhounds for Dogs, in partnership with Funds2Org. Shoes of any type or condition are accepted, including slippers and flip flops. We will pack 25 pairs of shoes to ship to developing countries where they can help start shoe repair or recycling businesses or donate to those in need, especially after natural disasters like storms. The Nittany Greyhound is one of the few groups that not only accepts healthy dogs, it can be a huge expense.

1898 – 1985

Komal Ben’s Giant Breed Rescue is a non-profit large breed dog rescue, and operates solely on donations and money from the rescue owners. Its main objective is to help families who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances such as the loss of their home, military obligations, divorce, loss of job, medical problems or the death of a family member, and can no longer stay with their loved one.

With the help of Gentle Ben, these families find the peace that their dog will be kept in a safe place, in joy, and kept in a new family. Dogs that are taken in by Gentle Ben become part of his family and will remain in his rescue home until they find a perfect, permanent home for them. Once they are placed in a new home, the original family updates on the trip with photos and updates so they can see that their dog is now happy and safe in his new home. Some dogs can also be kept as therapy dogs.

For every 100 bags of 25 pairs of shoes, Funds 2 will donate $ 1,000 to ORG Nittany Greyhounds, who will use this money to rehabilitate sick or injured dogs to prepare them for adoption. at least a coat and identification, which is given to all adopters. We appreciate your generosity and kindness in supporting the kind Ben’s Giant Breed Rescue and places like Nittany Greyhound that help our community and our animal friends. And don’t forget, National Adaptive Shelter Pet Day is April 30! In the wake of the devastation, volunteers dedicated their lives to saving animals.

We protect pets and domestic animals from emergencies and disasters. For example, if Dorian had to take people out last weekend and couldn’t take their animals with them, our volunteers would rescue or care for the animal on the spot, ”said McConnell, EART Vice President. Fortunately, the services of the volunteer-led organization were not needed during the northern tropical storm weekend, but McConnell still reminds animal owners to always be prepared. “We were lucky that weekend, but I had two horses on my farm in Ellerslie – Saving Animals. Community service.

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