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    Scientific news for scientific research and education. Every year in California, thousands of wildfires destroy hundreds of thousands of acres of land. It can be difficult to determine how well large sections of vegetation recover from the ground over time.

    The new radar maps now reveal a mosaic of plant destruction and remodeling in the wake of more than a decade of fires in the Angeles National Forest and other areas near Los Angeles. A NASA research plane equipped with radar instruments, known as UAVSARs, flew over Southern California several times between 2010.

    2020 to produce a detailed map of the terrain below. By sending microwave pulses toward the Earth’s surface and measuring the bouncing signals, the instruments can detect changes in the height of the surface of a few millimeters. They are also sensitive to humidity, says Yunling Lu.

    A radar engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. The resulting maps can separate areas with trees and shrubs from bare land.

    Lu and his colleagues are developing an approach to color-code maps from year to year to track large-scale changes in vegetation and monitor forest and shrub recovery after devastating wildfires. Vegetated areas appear red in 2010, green in 2017, and blue in 2020.
    When three maps are stacked on top of each other, they tell a story of loss and redevelopment. For example, the 2016 fish fire destroyed vegetation that was present in 2010 and did not grow back until 2017 or 2020, so it still appears in red on an overview map.
    The area affected by the 2020 Bobcat fire is shown in yellow: vegetation was present in 2010 and 2017 (a combination of red and green to make yellow) but not in 2020. A multi-colored lookout combines vegetation maps from 2010 (red), 2017 (green), and 2020 (blue).

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