AdSense Approval Tips 2020 For Blogger And WordPress

AdSense approval tips 2020 for Blogger and WordPress. Hello friends, today I will tell you about the program in this article AdSense 2020 approval tips. Everyone wants to know how to approve your blog website with Google Adsense, so come, everyone should read this article very carefully.

Because I will tell you all those steps that if you follow all the people and apply them to your website, you will easily approve Google Sense and you will be able to earn beautiful money there.

Friends always ask me that many users keep asking me, sir, tell us how we can approve your blog with Google Adsense, so today I will explain to everyone in a very simple way and I will tell you some things that everyone adopts on your site web, they will never face problems related to AdSense approval on their website. Yes !!!

So if you want to know all the AdSense 2020 Approval Tips please read this article very carefully, if you don’t understand anything then everyone can tell me in the comment box below.

AdSense 2020 approval tips for Blogger and WordPress

So, friends tell you, AdSense 2020 approval tips, friends, if everyone wants your website to be approved with Adsense, then for this everyone needs Google AdSense, for which all policy must be followed.

Friends, there are many of you who avoid the Google Adsense policy, so don’t follow it because because you don’t have a website, what should be kept in mind is that you will get approval from Google Adsense quickly. Then I will tell you about all these things.

Friends, I have made many videos on my YouTube channel with this topic, if everyone watches those videos, they will get more knowledge from all the people and also receive a lot of help. I will link all of them below so that you too can go to our arenas and watch those videos.

So folks, I tell all the Adsense Approval Tips you have for Blog, so that Google Adsense approves your entire website as soon as possible.

AdSense 2020 approval tips

So folks, I will tell you all about the AdSense 2020 Approval Tips, which you know a lot about, but if you have any confusion please let us know in the comment below and if your entire website is being created. repeatedly with Google Adsense, you can all tell me in the comments below, I will help you.

# 1. Genuine content

First off, our Adsense Approval Tips is that everyone who posts an article on your website should write them yourself and not copy them from any other website. A policy correction error will occur.

Apart from this, all of you must place 25 articles on your website, within 1 month from that moment you must request AdSense. Not everyone needs to generate an article from somewhere, it has to be written, and everyone can’t write by typing, so you can use voice typing for everyone.

# 2. Adsense Friendly Responsive Theme

Now, you all have to use a great theme on your website that is Adsense friendly, plus it has to be responsive. Now, this means that when a user opens your website on a mobile device, if the mobile device is generated correctly on the computer, and if it is opened on the computer, then it must also be opened correctly on the computer.

If all of you don’t know which Adsense friendly response theme will be good for you all, then for this you can see it by visiting our YouTube channel, we have told you about many templates.

# 3. Submit website to Google Search Console

So after doing all this work everyone needs to submit their website within the Google Search Console, after submitting it, everyone there will create their website on the sitemap and submit it there.

And after doing all this work, all of you will have to index all the posts on your website in Google and once all of you do this work, once they verify that your website is successfully submitted in Google Search Console Whether whether it was done or not.

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