AdSense rejection fix: Your site adheres to Adsense

AdSense rejection fix: Your site adheres to Adsense – violation of policy. Hello friends and once again I welcome you to your own website. Today I will tell you that all AdSense rejections fix how you can approve your website on Google Adsense.

You all, many people, send me messages every day and say that when we submit our website for Google Adsense approval, AdSense rejects our site and gives the following reasons.

  • Your site adheres the policies of the AdSense program.
  • We have detected some policy violations on your site.

So today I am going to tell you about all the ways that all of you can correct these two errors. So if you all want to know, you should all read this article very carefully.

I will give you all the information and tell you in detail that this way everyone can make your website Google Adsense in 24 hours. If you want to earn a lot of money, read this article carefully.

Fix AdSense disapproval!

I often see that anyone who goes to a new blogger deletes something on their site that is not following the Google Adsense phone (AdSense rejection fix). Because of this, AdSense rejects and does not approve your site and this message appears on your website.

Program Policies or we found some policy violations on your site. Today I am going to give some advice to all new bloggers, with which everyone can get approval of their site on Google Adsense as soon as possible without any error.

In order to load your website into Google Adsense, it is very important that you take into account some important things, about this, I have already written a detailed article that, before hacking Google, what should all of you deal with?

If you haven’t already, read that article, you will get the following link, first read it, then read it.

  • AdSense 2020 approval tips for Blogger and WordPress
  • How to find out about AdSense or policy violations

So folks, now let me tell you how you can solve all these problems on your website, your site is following Adsense program policies or we have found some policy violations on your site. So, let’s know in detail. Here are some points that everyone should accept, that’s why Google Adsense will approve them all.

AdSense Rejection Solution

How to fix adheres to Adsense or Policy violation

# 1. Illegal content

So guys, first of all, you don’t have to put illegal content on your website. Now this means that not all of you have to record any article related to content download or movie download. You do not have to install all the download related items; if you have saved them, delete them all. Make or update

# 2 Dangerous or abusive content

Now folks, on the second point, you don’t need to put dangerous or abusive content on your site because if you keep all those contacts, Google Adsense won’t approve it. By dangerous content, I mean you don’t have to put up with any scary or dying items. If you have kept any news, you will have to delete or update it.

#3. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

Friends, the third point is that everyone should add the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) to their website, that is, they should add this policy to their privacy policy page. And here you have to say that any contact available on your site is only for children over 13 years old, not for the children below, it is very important that everyone do it too.

#4. Dishonest Behavior and Theme

Friends, now the fourth point is that Dishonest Behavior & Theme means that not all of you should have any contact on your site, as it ruins Google Adsense policy as if they haven’t said anything false on your website. This means that you don’t have to tell everyone wrong.

Important are:

  • With this, all of you should use a good theme on your website.
  • AdSense approval topic blogger
  • Professional Blogger Template 2020 | Blogger 2020 templates
  • The best premium blogger templates to download for free in 2020

#5.  Copy/ Paste

Now friends, the fifth point is that everyone should keep in mind that they don’t need to copy all the articles on their site from elsewhere and they don’t have to write them all again. You don’t need to generate articles with the help of online tools.

If all of you do this job then not all of you will get approval on Google Adsense then you have taken care of this and if all of you have done it you should remove it.

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Which article did I ask you to correct AdSense disapproval for on your site and follow Adsense program policies or did we find some policy violations on your site? How you can fix these two errors on your website and not approve your website with Google Adsense, if you liked this article, share it and if you have not understood anything, below Please let me know in the comment box provided.

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