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Scientists are learning more about why and how people fall for bad information, and what we can do about it. Some features of social media posts help spread misinformation, new findings show. Other research shows that false claims can be countered by giving consumers accurate information at the right time or by subtly. But effectively getting people to pay attention to the accuracy of what they see. Such techniques involve small changes in behavior that can become a major deterrent against the flood of fake news. Anti-vaccine protesters outside Dodger Stadium. In January, protests led to the closure of a mass vaccination site at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

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Fighting misinformation is difficult, in part because it spreads for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes these bad actors produce fake news content in search of internet clicks and ad revenue, as is the case with the "troll farms" in Macedonia that generated fake political stories during the 2016 US presidential election.

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Other times, recipients of misinformation are increasing its spread. Some people unknowingly share misinformation on social media and elsewhere because they find it surprising or interesting. Another factor is the way misinformation is presented, be it through text, audio, or video. Of these.

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The videos can be considered the most credible, according to research by S Shyam Sundar, an expert in messaging psychology at Penn State. He and his colleagues decided to study it after a series of murders began in India in 2017 when people distributed a video via WhatsApp that was allegedly a kidnapping of children.

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In fact, it was a distorted clip from a video from a Pakistani public awareness campaign. Sundar recently showed audio, text and video versions of three fake news in the form of WhatsApp messages to 180 participants in India with research funding from WhatsApp. Video stories were rated as the most credible and most likely to be shared.

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