Easily Solved This Issue: Adsense Account

Already Adsense account & adheres to Adsense. You already have Adsense and you are joining Adsense. Hello friends and welcome back everyone on your own website, today I am going to tell you about some similar problems that arise with most of the new bloggers.

Easily solved this issue

When you create your Adsense account. Already Adsense and join Adsense, then if you all have this kind of problem too, today I will tell you all with full information.

How can you easily solve this problem?

Similar comments have been received in almost many videos on our YouTube channel and many messages have also appeared on our Instagram account that, sir! We are seeing this type of problem.

How can we mix it?

A great video made and uploaded to the YouTube channel, but I am writing a very nice detailed post for all of you so that everyone can read the solution to this problem and fix it.

Today I will tell you.

I will tell you in advance how to fix the Adsense account and also how to fix your site adheres to the policies of the Adsense program, I will tell you so that all of you can know everything easily. 

Easy solution

Friends now let me tell you how you can all solve this problem easily and get approved by Google Adsense and earn money from your website through Google Adsense.

I will tell everyone with complete information, everyone should give their full attention only then they will be able to understand all people correctly.

Adsense Account

If they do not read all people, they will not understand. Many new bloggers who create a new website of their own and when they associate it with Google Adsense, i.e. if you like your website on Google Adsense then they get that problem.

To use Adsense you have to fix some things.

  • Your site follows the AdSense program policies.
  • You already have another AdSense account, as we only allow one account per person.

If you have another Adsense account, please disable it to use it. So today I will tell you how you can all easily solve this kind of problem and get Google Adsense approval on your website if you all have that problem too and don’t know how to do it.

To be corrected, we have made a complete video that is on our YouTube. You can all see that too. Or I will tell you all the information provided below, you can all solve this kind of problem, so let’s start with how you all have to solve this kind of problem.

How to fix your Adsense account in advance

So friends, first of all I tell you how to fix the Adsense account, many of you also have this problem, then first you need to know its solution, then I will tell everyone more than China.

If people They show that problem on Google Adsense, I will tell everyone how to fix it. First of all, you need to delete all the Google Adsense account you have created.

If you have a deactivated Adsense account, everyone should delete it and delete your payment profile. If it won’t tell everyone how to do this I have said so in the video and everyone will receive a link to that video.

I have given them complete information on how they can remove all disabled accounts or if you cannot fix what is deprecated.

How to fix your site follow Adsense program policies

Friends, now I tell everyone how to fix your site to follow the Adsense program policies, if there are many people, how can you solve this type of problem?

First, you need to apply everything below and one by one on your website.

  • First, remove the copyrighted images from your website.
  • Do not post content on your website that circumvents the AdSense policy.
  • Everyone should add unique content by writing it yourself.
  • Do not copy content from any other website.
  • All of you should make pages about About, Context, Privacy.
So if you follow all the points I mentioned then there won't be any kind of error on your Website

You already have an existing AdSense account – Solved 100%

We all have more ideas about Adsense! This is the best way to earn online showing ads! However, when you send recruiting to Adsense, it’s time to think that after a long time, it’s possible! or another problem arises!

Then you can see that you have already created an Account! This is actually outside of Google policy! You must be the only one! Many people don’t think to solve this problem!

But today I will share with you how to fix this problem and fix it on Adsense! When does this problem occur?

In fact, this problem only arises when you accidentally submit your account to Google Adsense after any other submission. Or some other reason this problem may arise! If you already have an Adsense account and it is disabled!

There can be many reasons! If someone clicks on your Adsense account, your Adsense account will be deactivated. This time a lot of people get depressed! Also, I have seen many articles and many tutorial videos on YouTube!

If many people say you are facing this problem, stop working with your old domain! Because there is no solution to this problem! You have to buy another new domain and then work! And then if you request AdSense, it will continue!

These videos and articles are actually spam! In my opinion, there was no such thing in the world that had no solution! of course, there is also a solution!

What do you want to do now?

You must be logged in to your Adsense! And then you have to change all the information provided above! I mean, all you have to do is change your address and your phone number. And provide a new name and address!

Of course, you don’t have to provide the actual address! They will give you a false address and a false number! This will not be a problem!

All you have to do is set up the new full address and phone number! Then it will be done!

When you change everything, you need to delete the old address. Don’t worry, follow the screenshot below. Then you have to open another new Gmail account!

And from this Gmail address you will have to request Adsense again! Now when you submit, you must provide all the information correctly.

The address must be based on your NID card or an identity card! Now your question may be why I request it here with NID card and address!

What is the problem with using false addresses?

Actually, if your Adsense account is disabled, the main purpose of your name is to enter your identity card! If you want to recover that Adsense account, you must send your previous information to the corresponding NID CARD!

And if your name or date of birth is not like your NID card information, your account can never be restored! Then you have to give the correct information!

If you deposit your account correctly with all the information, you will not see the previous option.

About the content

So today I told everyone how to fix the Adsense account in advance, as well as how to correct the Adsense program policies on your site, if everyone likes this post, definitely do it with your friends Share.

The people who have this kind of problem and if you all still have any confusion let me know in the comments below. This means that your problem will end successfully! It is a simple process! If you use this 100% guarantee..

  • You will never see this problem.

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