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What is the Google AdSense approval trick in 2021

Google adSense approval trick, if everyone wants to know, learn and get their approved website with Google Adsense and then everyone should pay attention to this article You should give. I will give you complete information about the Google AdSense account approval trick in Hindi in this article. If you all read this article carefully, you all will never have a problem getting AdSense approval in life. Friends, as everyone knows. Google Adsense is the world’s largest ad platform, where many advertisers come in and create ads, and a publisher like us makes money by placing those ads on their website.

Google AdSense approval trick

So today I’m going to tell you about the Google Adsense approval tricks by which you can approve Adsense (google adsense approval trick) site. Friends, as everyone will know that the offline market is very low right now, there are many people who are thinking of earning online, then come to Google Adsense to monetize their platform. In such a situation, there is a lot of competition here. So folks, AdSense now also approves only those websites whose quality content is available on the website. If you don’t install your website.

You haven’t seen all the AdSense approvals and will reject your website for some reason. So guys, I’ll tell you all later, but if everyone wants to give their website, if they don’t know it, everyone will get the following link. So guys, now we all know the Google AdSense 2021 approval trick. So, friends, this trick is that every time everyone approves the website of your Google Adsense blog, that is, if you want, you can request it from everyone. Later, it is written that we are reviewing your site. Friends, all of you have nothing to do right now.

Everyone must go to Google Admob and they must also register there, now friends. This will happen when everyone creates an admissions account. So this will also create your Google Adsense account (google adsense approval trick) and create an AdSense account for the answer and then everyone will have to approve your website and only then will a lot of content enter the graphic website then AdSense will make your site approve it. Now if everyone doesn’t know how to write a good contact on your website, how to write an article for AdSense approval, we have also made a video about it, you can also see the link below.

Google AdSense approval

  • First create an AdSense account and submit to the website.
  • After submitting, you can see that we are reviewing your site.
  • So now you can create an AdMob account.
  • You can now wait for the response from Google AdSense.
  • But everyone can follow Google AdSense policy.
  • Now you can read google adsense approval trick and tips.

Friends! I’ll give you a little more information on the Google AdSense account approval trick in Hindi. That when everyone creates an account and their AdSense account is also created and after that it will inform everyone about what to change on their website. Here are a few main things, if all those things follow your website, you’ll get Adsense approval.

  • 100% unique article up to 700 words.
  • Write up to 25 articles after applying for AdSense.
  • Submit website in Google Search Console.
  • And also submit website map.
  • Do not use any downloadable content.
  • Use a top level domain.
  • Drive more traffic to your website.
  • Please wait 15 days after applying for AdSense.
  • Use the best theme and know about google adsense approval trick.

Friends, if all of these things are yours on everyone’s website, then you can all apply for AdSense, you will get approval, everyone will have no problem. If you have a blog or want to start a blog in the future. This article will help you monetize your blog with Adsense. I know you are looking for an Adsense approval hack, which will take your stress out and give you approval. Don’t worry, you came to the right place and after reading this post, you will have an idea why your website is facing rejection or what changes are needed start a blog for approval.

Google AdSense account approval trick

In this post, I will give you the Top 5 Adsense Approval Trick that helps you approve your account on Google Adsense. If you’ve already approved the AdSense account for your site, congratulations. In this post, I’ll also explain how you will approve a free Blogspot domain or TLD domain using a few little tricks. Now the question is which platform is better to start a blog or a website. In my opinion, if you want to make your blogging journey easier, go for WordPress.

Blogger vs WordPress

The second thing is that Google does not indicate on which platform the blog is located. If your blog content is rich, then you have a ranking. Google offers similar rankings on both platforms. Blogger vs WordPress, which is better for newcomers (a detailed comparison). You can read this if you want to have a detailed idea about the best blogging platforms. Google Adsense is the most popular and highest paid ad network in the world and therefore many bloggers monetize their website using Adsense.

Google AdSense approval trick

In this post, I will clear up all the doubts about Adsense. Why Adsense Application rejects the Adsense team and what problems you face when applying for Adsense. Most bloggers earn over million rupees a month from Google Adsense. If you don’t have a fully approved AdSense account, don’t worry. I will give you a definitive solution on how to approve your Adsense account using the Adsense approval trick. Before guiding you, let me answer a few simple questions that may arise in your mind.

Who is eligible to set up an Adsense account, if you have a domain name, you can request it. This is the first criterion before setting up an Adsense account. The second criterion is quality content. I mean, your content must be unique and users will get some insight from it. This post will explain what criteria your website must pass if they meet your website. After reading this Top some Adsense Approval Trick. You need to approve your Adsense account and start making money from Adsense.

AdSense approval trick

Adsense approval tricks or Adsense approval guide, hello blogger or future blogger. You are reading this post to know Adsense approval tricks. If you are planning to start a blog then you must read What is a blog? And how you can easily buy a domain. If you are unfamiliar with blogs and domains. These will solve all your queries and give you push-ups to get your blog started quickly. Adsense, which creates the number of app rejections in one day by the Adsense team and gets the most rejection.

This guide briefly explains why your Adsense account was rejected and how to overcome them. If you’re already facing Adsense account rejections, I’m not worried that I’m giving you Top 5 Adsense Approval Tricks to Secure Your AdSense Account. Now some questions arise in your mind, my website is hosted on Blogspot and Google cannot approve b, so stop thinking because Google does not see what domain or hosting you have. Google should only make your website user friendly or SEO friendly and your content should be unique and useful.

AdSense approval team

Even my website is hosted on Blogspot and I am not facing any kind of problem with blogging hosting. Usually bots in the Google Adsense app are bots, but sometimes manual approval comes as well. In one day, the number of applications goes to Adsense, so if your application takes time, don’t bother. Now you are wondering how long it takes for Adsense to approve an Adsense account. The approval time can be one day, three days, or one or two weeks. The Adsense approval team is getting tougher day by day due to some users.

The approved Adsense account on the market sells for a few dollars. Due to this illegal activity, the Adsense team always verifies all accounts and then approves them. What is Adsense & how does it work, then you must check the detailed guide, this guide helps you increase Adsense earnings. This approval guide is written entirely after my Adsense approval experience. So after reading this post, your account needs to be approved. If they are not approved, you should know the reason behind rejecting your application.

AdSense guidelines

Steps for approval, make sure to follow or understand, because if you understand, you can approve the Adsense account number. Actually, there are no special tricks, you just need a few general steps to approve an AdSense account. So I will explain all the Adsense guidelines in a few simple steps and you must implement those steps before implementing Adsense for your website. Connect a custom domain, first of all, I analyze how to approve if your website is made on a blogger.


Point number one You must have a TLD (Top Level Domain) or a custom domain (eg .com, .in, .uk,, .edu, …). Are you thinking that I cannot approve the use of the”? Yes, you can approve the use of the Blogspot domain, but there is no time for you to create and approve a personal brand in front of Google. Top some adsense approval Tricks, blogger adsense approval trick, WordPress (website) Adsense Approval Trick. Thinking I can’t approve Adsense with a free domain or subdomain! The answer is yes, but if you use a free domain.

Create Pages

The control is not in your hands and the administrator can delete the domain at will. You can use Free Domain as an experiment or learning about blogging and how Google algorithms work. After a while, you can switch to the custom domain. If your website is available on WordPress then you are definitely looking for a custom domain because WP doesn’t take advantage of free domains. So I suggest you buy a custom domain for one year and the advantage of the custom domain is that it can brand your website. Remember that your custom domain must be in known extensions.

Domain Name

For example:, .in,, .info, .org, .edu.. To get traffic from all over the world, you need to have a global domain like .com, .net, .in, .info, .org, etc. If you choose a domain like .ooo, .tk, it will affect your Google SEO ranking. If you know the importance of domain extension, you will get a better idea. On the market, you will find the most trustworthy and trusted domain name registrars such as Godaddy, namespace, and more.

Now that you have bought a domain name and want to start a website on WordPress, then you have to buy a hosting. I suggest you buy Bluehost Hosting and the benefit of Bluehost Hosting is that it gives you free TLD for 1 year. Connect your domain to your hosting, which can be Blogspot or WordPress.

Policy Pages

Main pages for approval, I’m talking about us, about us, about the privacy policy and the disclaimer. These pages create a positive belief in the AdSense team. If you don’t have these pages on your website, the Adsense team rejects your request. You should see that these page links should also be linked in the header, footer and home page.

About us page, which is essential for a website because the website on this page explains in detail what your website is and some of your professional details. Please try to write detailed information about us so that users can easily understand your website. Privacy Policy Page, according to the About us page, the Privacy Policy page is the most important because it will write a statement to protect the users of your website.

You can get details of Google’s privacy policy, search for “Terms and conditions template” on Google, and copy and paste that page. The Privacy Policy page requires some simple modifications, namely the email and website name. The Privacy Policy page does not include copyright as it is the same for all websites. There are many auto-generated websites that give you the full test privacy policy page. Disclaimer page, the disclaimer page is the most important because this page states that if something was inadvertently typed due to an error, it helps you prevent it.

Contact us page, if a website wants to contact the user, it will get all the contact information such as email id, phone number, etc. Users can use this page to accompany you with any problem. For Adsense approval you need to create these 4 pages, and it will be important to bookmark these pages as well. If you don’t know what you want to write on these pages, then there is some website that creates all pages with one click.

AdSense approval

Optimize website for faster loading, if your website load time is too long, the chance of approval decreases, so try using a lightweight theme for your blog. You can use a free theme for AdSense approval, it doesn’t stop any hassle during AdSense approval. Which theme you don’t use, but you have to remember that the theme is responsive and mobile-friendly. You can choose free themes for Blogger:

Newsplus is the fastest theme and I got my blog approved with the free NewsPlus theme and you can use it too. This theme is very elegant and you can use it for any specialized website. For WordPress, you can choose also Hestia theme, both themes are responsive and you can use a theme for your blog. Google’s 2021 Major Update states that if your website speed is not good, your website cannot rank because users are not satisfied with your website and this creates frustration on Google’s part.

Popular social platforms

Social media profile, social networks, which are a great network in the world and to increase trust, you must have a social account with the name of your website. So create a minimum of two popular social platforms, Facebook and Twitter, and link those pages on your website. These create a social presence for your website. In the future, you can build a large audience using your social profile. Number of posts before requesting AdSense approval…

I already explained that this is another word before applying for AdSense. Google always wants good quality content for users. Some users create a website and write one or two posts and request Adsense. This is the main mistake for the rejection of your request. Before placing Adsense, your website must have 15 pus posts with quality content. You can write a minimum of 1000+ words in each post and wait for all the app indexes on Google.


Don’t stop writing posts after applying for AdSense and keep posting continuously on your schedule. The best thing about Google Adsense is that it does not require any kind of limited traffic. So if there is no traffic to your website then there is no problem for approval. Buy the best web hosting for a good website loading time. Hosting that plays an important role in the speed of the website. If you buy a hosting that has a high response time, it automatically increases the loading time or speed of your website.

The minimum loading time of the website is 2 seconds and the maximum is 4 seconds. If your website load time increases by 4 seconds, it will have a direct impact on your website. The time to load a website depends on the hosting and the theme. If the theme of your website is good but the hosting is not good, then your website slows down. Therefore, always try to use a good theme in addition to a custom one. If you are using Blogspot then you only have one option, use a custom theme.


I suggest the faster theme that I personally use and I get a 2 second load time. If you’re really serious about blogging, invest at least $ 50. At this price, you get a free domain along with hosting. 100% guaranteed Adsense approval trick.. This trick is even requested for my Adsense approval, if you have a newcomer and want to start blogging from the free subdomain. Before starting a blog on You should consider the points below, as this is the strategy that even I follow for this blog.

  • First, decide on the domain name and create a subdomain on Blogger.
  • Now post quality 15-20.
  • Buy a domain name now and join that blogger account.
  • Wait 1-2 weeks for your posts to be indexed on Google or index all posts using Search Console.
  • Now you can apply for Adsense.

I guarantee 100% if you follow the Adsense approval trick above, then your blog is definitely approved by the Adsense team. Keep posting your content for 3 weeks and wait for approval. I already explained that the Google Adsense team takes time to get approved, so please be patient. You can make money from your blog using different methods and the best method compared to AdSense.

Some conditions in your mind like:
Website content and monthly traffic

How much do I earn from Adsense in a month, how much traffic is required to reach the Adsense threshold. If we consider the earnings, then no one can guess or guess what the true value of Adsense earnings is, it completely depends on your website content and monthly traffic. Get to Know Adsense Threshold – If you’re a blogger, you definitely know about Adsense Threshold, it’s all about your CPC (cost per click) ads. If your website gets high CPC ads, it generates more revenue with less traffic.

Quick FAQs about AdSense and its approval, I have already answered a few common faxes to clear my questions before applying AdSense, but I will explain some other faxes about AdSense to clear up your AdSense questions. How can I get approval without rejection, if you are a newcomer you definitely face rejection and rejection is important because after rejection you learn why my account is facing rejection and rectify that mistake then you get your account approved.


One quote you may have heard is “Mistakes correct a man.” If you don’t get the rejection, then you don’t learn the reason behind the rejection. Is there a method to get a faster AdSense approval, there is no quick way to approve the Adsense account. After applying for Adsense your application remains in a queue and you are patient but the application is not reviewed. If any question arises in your mind and you want to know the answer then please comment the question given below, I definitely answer.

How much money can you make with Adsense, Adsense that pays according to the two price models CPC and CPM. A publisher can get up to 1000 impressions per click and ads. Your earnings are also dependent on your website traffic, if you get traffic from foreign countries like USA and UK then your CPC is higher and you get more revenue than traffic from India. How much does Adsense pay for every 1000 visits, Adsense Run on the RPM model means revenue per 1000 impressions. If your website receives visitors from high CPC countries (like the US and UK), it generates high revenue.

Adsense approval without any investigation

This means advertisements displayed on your website that are advertisements to us and the UK. What is the minimum traffic to accept AdSense, the answer is simply no, before applying for AdSense you need a user-friendly website with unique quality content. If there is no traffic to your website, you will get Adsense approval without any investigation. How can I get approval without rejection, if you are a newcomer you definitely face rejection and rejection is important because after rejection you learn why my account is facing rejection and rectify that mistake then you get your account approved.

One quote you may have heard is “Mistakes correct a man.” If you don’t get the rejection, then you don’t learn the reason behind the rejection. How long does it take to approve AdSense, if I took the example of my Adsense application, I was approved for less than 210 but there is no guarantee that it will be approved even in 24 hours. If you apply for AdSense, you will receive a message from the Adsense team within a week.

Adsense team

From the explanation above, you need to understand the tricks of Adsense approval, if not, consider two points, the first is quality content that provides quality information to users. The second is that your website must be responsive or user friendly, I mean that the user can easily search on any page of your website. If you like the post, share it on social media together with your friends. If your website is satisfied above the colon, it will definitely get Adsense approval. If you have any questions about Adsense approval, comment below or contact us via email.

AdSense rejected 3 common mistakes 

Hello friends, today I will tell all the new bloggers who make such mistakes, that they don’t get Google Adsense approval on their website Adsense rejected 3 common mistake and then everyone wants to know and learn and If you want to get Google Adsense approval On the website. You will all keep reading this article from start to finish, because today I will tell you about the three common mistakes that new bloggers often do that on their website. Get ranked on Google and don’t accept Adsense.

Now let me tell you everything, AdSense Rejected 3 Common Mistake. So if everyone wants to know and learn and wants to work well with Adsense approval on their website, today you are going to like this post from the start. Keep reading until today: I will tell you in detail what are the mistakes you make us all so that Google Adsense does not approve your website, then let us know. AdSense rejected 3 common mistakes new bloggers, if you are all new bloggers too and now you have all started a new website of your own and after applying it on Google Adsense your website has been rejected by Google Adsense then no stress should be taken.

I have told you all the errors, that I will tell you with complete information, that if you make all the corrections. Your website will easily load with Google Adsense, so let us know which are the most common. The mistake is that you all do it. Friends, look, if you want to live life with all Google Adsense, then, whatever error you are making, you will have to rectify all the errors you are making. I will tell you with complete information.

3 common mistakes

If you haven’t received AdSense approval yet, you can say in the comment below, furthermore if you have any kind of problem then in the comment below from Iaga I will definitely reply to your comment about your problem. It will solve all. Adsense rejected 3 common mistakes, so folks, you know what mistakes you are making so that not everyone gets AdSense approval and if they get better will they get AdSense approval, then they will know everything completely. Take it and I’ll tell you. Some common mistakes you all make.

Copyrighted images

Friends, the first thing that is a common misstep is the copyright image, folks, you are not getting Adsense approval, you have written to the content itself. Then the first reason is that if the copyright image is available to everyone Copyrighted Images Use If you don’t get Google Adsense approval on your blog website, then what to do for it. If you don’t want to create an image yourself, you can search for those copyright free images at Google Like You Many of these websites will be found that provide images for free so you can download from there and you can use it on your blog website and your website will be Adsense approved.

Short content and pages

The other common mistake after that is that the content and the main pages are not what you create and many people don’t add the content that they create. I mean, folks, if you want to get approval for all Google Adsense ads on your blog website, everyone should write all the articles of the above 500 words and only then will they get less approval than available in Word, but in In such a case, the number of posts on the K website should be higher. In addition to all of this, everyone has to get their website related to their contact, privacy policy and disclaimer, all of them as soon as they want to create and put content, and if they do they will easily approve it too. You will get it.

Copyright content

In addition to all this, the third common mistake is copying content. You, who are often new bloggers, copy the content of others’ website and post it on your website so that you can get the policy poll and theme of your website. There is no burden with Google Adsense, plus there are a lot of naked people who collect content from other websites and spin it. She puts on her website not approving of all that this job has to do. If you want everyone to approve the wrong submission, everyone should write the content on their own, then I think everyone must have understood me.

So this is a common mistake new blockers make, if everyone follows them well then your website will definitely be approved by Adsense. About the post, friends, today I told everyone in this post that about AdSense Rejected 3 Common Mistake, if everyone solved this and then easily your entire website will be loaded with Google Adsense and all of you can also use Google Adsense. Can be used. If you start earning mornings with everyone, if the people like this post, share the necessary dream with friends.

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