How to get Google Adsense approval

How to get Google Adsense approval for Website or Blog. AdSense approval tips for Blogger and WordPress. Hello friends, today I will tell you about the program in this article AdSense approval tips. Everyone wants to know how to approve your blog website with Google Adsense approval. So come, everyone should read this article very carefully. Because I will tell you all those steps that if you follow all the people and apply them to your website. You will easily approve Google AdSense and you will be able to earn more money there.

Google Adsense approval

Friends always ask me that many users keep asking me, sir, tell us how we can approve your blog with Google Adsense approval. So today I will explain to everyone in a very simple way and I will tell you some things that everyone adopts on your site web. They will never face problems related to AdSense approval on their website. So if you want to know all the AdSense Approval Tips please read this article very carefully, if you don’t understand anything then everyone can tell me in the comment box below.

AdSense approval tips for Blogger and WordPress, so friends tell you about Google Adsense approval, if everyone wants your website to be approved with Adsense, then for this everyone needs Google AdSense, for which all policy must be followed. Friends, there are many of you who avoid the Google Adsense policy, so don’t follow it because because you don’t have a website. What should be kept in mind is that you will get approval from Google Adsense quickly.

Google Adsense

Friends, I have made many videos on my YouTube channel with this topic, if everyone watches those videos, they will get more knowledge from all the people and also receive a lot of help. I will link all of them below so that you too can go to our arenas and watch those videos. So folks, I tell all the Adsense Approval tips you have for Blog.

So that Google Adsense approves your entire website as soon as possible. I will tell you all about the Google Adsense approval Tips, which you know a lot about. If you have any confusion please let us know in the comment below and if your entire website is being created and repeatedly with Google Adsense, you can all tell me in the comments below, I will help you.

Genuine content

First off, our Google Adsense approval Tips is that everyone who posts an article on your website should write them yourself and not copy them from any other website. A policy correction error will occur. Apart from this, all of you must place 25 articles on your website, within 1 month from that moment you must request for Google Adsense approval. Not everyone needs to generate an article from somewhere. It has to be written, and everyone can’t write by typing, so you can use voice typing for everyone.

Adsense Friendly Responsive Theme

Now, you all have to use a great theme on your website that is Adsense friendly, plus it has to be responsive. Now, this means that when a user opens your website on a mobile device. If the mobile device is generated correctly on the computer, and if it is opened on the computer, then it must also be opened correctly on the computer. If all of you don’t know which Adsense friendly response theme will be good for you all, then for this you can see it by visiting our YouTube channel, we have told you about many templates.

Submit website to Google Search Console

So after doing all this work everyone needs to submit their website within the Google Search Console, after submitting it, everyone there will create their website on the sitemap and submit it there and after doing all this work, all of you will have to index all the posts on your website in Google and once all of you do this work, once they verify that your website is successfully submitted in Google Search Console Whether whether it was done or not.

Google AdSense approval tips

I told you this whole article. So if you all liked an article, share it with your friends, plus everyone has some confusion. If there is any question then you can all say in the comment box below, I will surely reply all your comments. How to get Google Adsense approved and start making money blogging. You can get Google Adsense approval on any of your blogs by following simple steps. So read the following steps carefully and look at them exactly the way they are being said.

Step 1: You must have a country level top level domain like. Com, .Co, .Org, .New, .In, etc. Never use a free domain name. Avoid using Tk and .Blogspot.Com as it will take months to get AdSense support on the .Blogspot.Com domain.

Step 2: Select any niche of your choice that does not violate Google AdSense policies, such as avoiding copyrighted content and pornographic content. You can use all WordPress and Blogger for a blog because it rarely matters.

Step 3: You need to publish 20 articles, each one thousand words or more in length. Do not use any content material from other sites listed on Google and try to be as specific and authentic as possible.

Step 4: Now create a basic page like Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us, etc.

Step 5: Add your website to the Google WebMaster tool and manually index all your links to list them. Now apply for an Adsense account and you will get your Adsense account.

AdSense approval

In some rare cases (five%), AdSense will still reject, don’t worry, try adding five more precise articles and apply again. You will definitely get your AdSense. Already Adsense account & adheres to Adsense. You already have Adsense and you are joining Adsense. Hello friends and welcome back everyone on your own website, today I am going to tell you about some similar problems that arise with most of the new bloggers.

When you create your Adsense account. Already Adsense and join Adsense, then if you all have this kind of problem too, today I will tell you all with full information. How can you easily solve this problem, similar comments have been received in almost many videos on our YouTube channel and many messages have also appeared on our Instagram account that, sir! We are seeing this type of problem.

How can we mix it?

A great video made and uploaded to the YouTube channel, but I am writing a very nice detailed post for all of you so that everyone can read the solution to this problem and fix it. I will tell you in advance how to fix the Adsense account and also how to fix your site adheres to the policies of the Adsense program, I will tell you so that all of you can know everything easily. 

Easy solution

Friends now let me tell you how you can all solve this problem easily and get approved by Google Adsense and earn money from your website through Google Adsense. I will tell everyone with complete information, everyone should give their full attention only then they will be able to understand all people correctly.

Adsense account

If they do not read all people, they will not understand. Many new bloggers who create a new website of their own and when they associate it with Google Adsense, i.e. if you like your website on Google Adsense then they get that problem.

  • To use Adsense you have to fix some things.
  • Your site follows the AdSense program policies.
  • You already have another AdSense account
  • as we only allow one account per person.

If you have another Adsense account, please disable it to use it. So today I will tell you how you can all easily solve this kind of problem and get Google Adsense approval on your website if you all have that problem too and don’t know how to do it. To be corrected, we have made a complete video that is on our YouTube. You can all see that too. Or I will tell you all the information provided below, you can all solve this kind of problem, so let’s start with how you all have to solve this kind of problem.

How to fix your Adsense account?

So friends, first of all I tell you how to fix the Adsense account, many of you also have this problem, then first you need to know its solution, then I will tell everyone more than China. If people They show that problem on Google Adsense, I will tell everyone how to fix it. First of all, you need to delete all the Google Adsense account you have created. If you have a deactivated Adsense account, everyone should delete it and delete your payment profile.

How to get Google Adsense approval?

If it won’t tell everyone how to do this I have said so in the video and everyone will receive a link to that video. I have given them complete information on how they can remove all disabled accounts or if you cannot fix what is deprecated. How to fix your site follow Adsense program policies, friends, now I tell everyone how to fix your site to follow the Adsense program policies, if there are many people, how can you solve this type of problem, first, you need to apply everything below and one by one on your website.

  • First, remove the copyrighted images from your website.
  • Do not post content on your website that circumvents the AdSense policy.
  • Everyone should add unique content by writing it yourself.
  • Do not copy content from any other website.
  • All of you should make pages about About, Contact, Privacy.
  • So if you follow all the points I mentioned then there won’t be any kind of error on your Website
  • You already have an existing AdSense account – Solved 100%

We all have more ideas about Adsense! This is the best way to earn online showing ads! However, when you send recruiting to Adsense, it’s time to think that after a long time, it’s possible! or another problem arises! Then you can see that you have already created an Account! This is actually outside of Google policy! You must be the only one! Many people don’t think to solve this problem but today I will share with you how to fix this problem and fix it on Adsense!

When does this problem occur!
Adsense account disable

In fact, this problem only arises when you accidentally submit your account to Google Adsense after any other submission. Or some other reason this problem may arise! If you already have an Adsense account and it is disabled! There can be many reasons! If someone clicks on your Adsense account, your Adsense account will be deactivated. This time a lot of people get depressed! Also, I have seen many articles and many tutorial videos on YouTube!

If many people say you are facing this problem, stop working with your old domain! Because there is no solution to this problem! You have to buy another new domain and then work and then if you request AdSense, it will continue! These videos and articles are actually spam! In my opinion, there was no such thing in the world that had no solution! of course, there is also a solution! You must be logged in to your Adsense! And then you have to change all the information provided above!

I mean, all you have to do is change your address and your phone number and provide a new name and address and of course, you don’t have to provide the actual address! They will give you a false address and a false number! This will not be a problem! All you have to do is set up the new full address and phone number! Then it will be done! When you change everything, you need to delete the old address. Don’t worry, follow the screenshot below. Then you have to open another new Gmail account and from this Gmail address you will have to request Adsense again!

NID card or an identity card

Now when you submit, you must provide all the information correctly. The address must be based on your NID card or an identity card! Now your question may be why I request it here with NID card and address! What is the problem with using false addresses, actually, if your Adsense account is disabled, the main purpose of your name is to enter your identity card! If you want to recover that Adsense account, you must send your previous information to the corresponding NID CARD!

If your name or date of birth is not like your NID card information, your account can never be restored! Then you have to give the correct information! If you deposit your account correctly with all the information, you will not see the previous option. About the content, so today I told everyone how to fix the Adsense account in advance, as well as how to correct the Adsense program policies on your site, if everyone likes this post, definitely do it with your friends Share.

AdSense CPC

The people who have this kind of problem and if you all still have any confusion let me know in the comments below. This means that your problem will end successfully! It is a simple process! If you use this 100% guarantee.. You will never see this problem. How to increase Adsense cpc, increase AdSense CPC Easily follow 2 methods. Hello friends and welcome back everyone on your own website. Today I am going to tell you how to increase the AdSense CPC.

So if you want to know everything and want to increase the AdSense CPC in your Google Adsense account. So today I am going to give you all the information about it. If everyone wants to know. Then read this post carefully so that you can understand it correctly. Many new bloggers who are always concerned about their Google Adsense account because they have a blog website. So CPC is not good at it. So if everyone wants to increase it in their Google Adsense account.

If they want to increase and earn $ 5 to $ 10 per day. So all of you will continue reading this post today because today I want to tell everyone that you are going to tell everyone how you can increase CPC on your Google AdSense account. How to increase the full method of AdSense CPC, let me tell everyone with complete information how to increase AdSense CPC. First of all you need to know what cpc is.. There are many people who have siblings, you would know what is CPC! CPC is the complete way to click on cost. Namely. How much money will everyone receive with a single click!

How to increase Adsense CPC?

So now everyone knows what is CPC but you also need to know how it is administered and how you can all teach it. So there are two ways to do it. Either way I will tell you about all of them. If you all use both methods correctly. So, all of you will be able to increase the CPC in your Google Adsense account and you can earn well from here. I tell everyone in two ways that they do follow everyone. Then you will be able to significantly increase your CPC on the block website and if you get a lot of traffic on everyone’s website, that’s why everyone will come from here. You will get less money.

  • If you want to continue both ways.
  • Then I tell everyone below.
  • Increase the full method of AdSense CPC.
# 1 Method

So the first way is for you all to use high CPC keywords in your blog posts. So you have high CPC ads in this post. And when those ads are clicked, you will get a lot of money but friends among people who have a Hindi blog website, they cannot use high CPC keywords. So what will they do? Then I will explain below how to work with all of you. So that all of you can get a good CPC on the Hindi website.

# 2 method

Now friends first and foremost. Everyone knows that if everyone uses keywords with high CPC keywords in their blog posts. So you will get a good CPC, but if you have a blog website in hindi how can you increase CPC, if you can remove all ads. With a lot of money and there. CPC Advertising In this way you will increase all CPCs. Friends today, I told you through this post that How to increase AdSense CPC. So if everyone liked this post then definitely share it with your friends. If all of you still have some confusion.

Best approval tips for Google AdSense

Some essential tips to get Google AdSense approved. All bloggers want to make money from Google AdSense, they try but can’t approve it. So here we will discuss some essential tips to approve Google AdSense. These tips will help get Google AdSense approved, but before we start discussing the tips, let’s learn about Google AdSense, what Google AdSense is, and how it works. Google AdSense is a platform where businesses pay to run their ads on various websites, and Google pays you for the ads that are displayed on your site.

It is the trusted global platform for publishers and advertisers alike. The show was initially launched on June 18, 2003. It is better than other advertising programs, it also offers a good CTR for the pages of a website. The CPC is much higher than other CPC adware. Google AdSense is the program with which you can earn money; To do this, you need to get approved first and then you can run Google Ads on your site. Google AdSense allows publishers to make money from their unique and informative content.

Digital Marketing

Ads are dependent on your content and visitors, if your content will be related to digital marketing. AdSense will show ads related to digital marketing because Google believes that visitors are looking for this type of content. Google wants to show ads in the right place for the right person. We know that you are excited to hear about tips to help you get approved by Google AdSense. So, without wasting time, we discussed the tips. Here is a list of some essential tips that will help the Google AdSense approval process.

  • Site template / structure
  • Required website page
  • It depends on the content of the site
  • Avoid attaching copyrighted images
  • Sufficient website traffic
  • It depends on the age of the domain
  • Try to root the domain

Please read this article carefully and follow all the suggestions, we will discuss it one by one, which will help to understand and try to use a good and effective site template, the site template is given importance when you request approval. Make sure your site is not using the Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr or Squarespace domain, your domain or site link should be in the format ““. The website template must be mobile friendly.

Post unique content

Some pages on the website are required for Google AdSense approval, as well as for contact with customers or visitors, such as “Contact Us, About Us, Privacy and Policy, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions“. Therefore, you must add these pages to your site to get approved. It depends on the content of the site. Make sure the content on your site matches all the “Google Publisher Policies“. Try to post unique content. Try to add maximum content and then apply, your application may be rejected due to insufficient content.

So please try to add maximum content (article must be 50%). If you want to get approved by Google AdSense, you must write a perfect and unique blog post. Avoid plagiarism content, always post plagiarism-free content, and post articles longer than 700 words, as Google classifies articles faster and more informative. Everyone will know that it is illegal to use copyrighted images so you need to attach high quality and unique images, but keep in mind that your images need to be compressed, in most cases tall images cause upload.

Google AdSense approval

You can create unique images with Adobe Photoshop. Sufficient website traffic, every website owner dreams of increasing traffic, in which case traffic is the most important factor. You need to increase website traffic before requesting Google AdSense approval. Try to increase the organic traffic of the website, you can get acceptance in the social and direct traffic, but in the future, you can generate income. Before applying, make sure your site traffic must be at least 100+.

Traffic to your site will help both “before and after Google AdSense approval”. Website traffic helps you get approved and generate income. You can increase the organic traffic of a website by doing SEO. The age of the domain is also an important factor. Your website domain must be at least 6 months old. Why does the domain age matter? According to an official statement from the AdSense team and in some locations, including China and India, we require publishers to own their sites for 6 months.

Google AdSense

We have taken this step to ensure the quality of our ad network and protect the interests of our existing advertisers and publishers. In some cases, domain age is not necessary, depending on how well your site performs. I recently received approval from Google AdSense and my site is 3 months old at the moment. Therefore, in some cases it is clear that the age of the domain does not matter. Try to use the root domain, you must use a root domain like, don’t use this type of Most people choose domain names for the long term, trying to pick a shorter domain name.

How to apply for Google AdSense?

When you’re done reading and understanding these tips, the next step is how to apply for Google AdSense. Simply, you must follow the following steps:

  • Go to the official Google AdSense website
  • Create a Gmail account
  • Click sign in
  • Enter the link of the website you want to get approved
  • Fill in the basic information
  • Get the code and paste it into the website header
  • Wait 24 to 48 hours

The first step is to go to the official Google AdSense website and create a Gmail account or you can log in with an old Gmail account. After that, you need to enter the website URL and click on the next step. The next step will be on personal information such as name, address, phone number, zip code, etc. After the original information is filled in, you need to get the code from Google AdSense, copy the code and paste it into the website header.

Approve your website

Then you need to click verification, and then your work is done and the Google team will review your site and you will be notified within 24 to 48 hours but in some cases it will be delayed, it depends on the Google team. AdSense approval tips – 100% approve of your website. Hello friends, once again I welcome you to your own website, today I will tell you all about the AdSense 2020 Approval Cheat for your Google Adsense account to approve or approve your website with Google Adsense.

You can get good income, in the previous post I told everyone how to make money with YouTube, how to make money with blogs, if you also want to read that post, you can easily read the link of those posts. I will give them to everyone below, so folks, now let us know how you can approve your Google AdSense account. So today in this post, I am going to tell you about these tips and tricks that all of you can easily approve in your Google Adsense account on your website, just a few things for all of you. You have to take care of things and what is it!

Approval with Google Adsense

I’ll tell you with the complete information below, that if everyone follows, you can easily visit your website, you can get approval with Google Adsense, without fear, you know what method and how to approve your Google Adsense website for all of you. Friends, all of you keep reading this post from start to finish, as I told everyone, I will give advice to all of you, how to approve the Google Adsense account, everyone should complete the post.

Let’s know how all of you can easily approve your website with Google Adsense (AdSense approval), i.e. you can get approval of any blog with all Google Adsense, just everyone has some of the stuff they have to be maintained. So let us know what are the ways in which you can easily get approved by Google Adsense and your website. By approving the Google Adsense site, you can easily run a fair amount of advertising. So let’s know what methods and things to keep in mind so that everyone can easily access the website with Google Adsense.

Adsense acceptance tricks

Look, you all have to deal with it. When you buy a new domain, everyone has to work on it, since everyone knows that you can publish it to Blogger or Hosting. You can install WordPress or any other software. After that how much content will be available to all of you and after writing the content everyone needs to take a few things into account. This is what I will tell you below, when everyone follows these things. After that everyone will submit their website with Google Adsense for approval, then they will reply to all people within 12 hours.

Your website will be created. Yes you hear what I say among all people. In addition to this, many people make the same mistake because they can see something on their website, like Wolving policy, No content, Under construction. So if everyone wants the same thing on your website then the errors have not appeared in the Google Adsense account so all of you have to take care of everything I tell you so that your entire website can be easily done with 12 hours Google Adsense will be approved.

Tips for new blogger

To know with us in any way, but friends tell you that you do not ignore all people and understand carefully that you will be approved with the entire website one hundred percent of Google Adsense. Google AdSense approve tips for new blogger, so guys, now let me tell you about all the advice I have for all of you who are the newest bloggers, so if everyone follows you, whoever you are, your Google Adsense account will be easily approved. Everything I tell you below, if you want to follow all those things on your website carefully, submit your website easily, it will be approved by Google action.

  • 1-month-old domain
  • 25 posts (up to 700 words)
  • Best Simple Theme
  • Use copyright-free images
  • Unique content
  • Submit site to Google Search Console
  • Submit sitemap to GSC
  • Do not use any discharge materials.

Google Search Console

So, you all have to take care of these eight things very carefully when everyone will take care of all these things easily, which means your website will be 1 month old, there will be 25 posts on your website, that too 700 The latter words will be the best and simplest template and whatever you use the images for in the post will either be everything you created yourself or they will be royalty free images. It will add it to Google Search Console, after this all of you will also put your website in Search Console.

Google AIDS

Then after doing this job everyone will need to apply their website to Google Adsense and when will all do it After this your topic It will be approved by Google Adsense. So, you can all easily get your Google Adsense approved website, which also within 24 hours. If you want to take care of all these things then all of you will get your Google AIDS approved website. If everyone has a problem please let me know in the comment below, I will reply to all your comments.

Friends, today I told everyone in this post how you guys (AdSense Approval Trick), that it is easy to approve your website with Google Adsense, then everyone will like this post, so definitely do it with your friends Share it. Also, if you all still have any confusion please let me know in the comments below. I will definitely reply to your in-depth comments and don’t forget to share this post.

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