How to start a blog and make money

How to start a blog and make money, start a blog for profit & monetize your blog, I don’t share it for showing off, but for them to understand that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to building a blog and earning a lot of money with it. In addition, I am the first to tell you that this type of revenue figure is not exclusive to blogs, and it took me six years to reach this point in my blogging business.

How to start a Blog

However, if I had not decided to create a blog in the first place … and invested years of effort in creating outstanding content. It encouraged that work for a new audience, built my community and demonetized my site. I learned, my life today will be completely different. My guide on how to start a blog has a final reason to monetize your blog. Because today … when you’re still starting, demonetization shouldn’t be your # 1 focus.

You need to find your readers, start building relationships with them, build a community around your blog and try to buy independent services online, or else, before trying to sell them in an online course for value (content). How continue delivering. Blogging is an investment that can pay large dividends, but it is a long-term payment.

Blog monetization

Best ways to make money, however, it is good to have an idea of the ways you want to make money blogging because you enter it. Now, keep in mind that when it is just beginning, some of these blog monetization strategies will be easier than others as long as your readers keep growing. Sponsored content, what is sponsored content! Usually, this is when a brand, company or person pays you a fee so that your content (or offer) is in front of your audience. This means that you will need to take a look at the reader base before negotiating a sponsored content agreement.

Drive traffic to your blog

Because sponsors want to click on their readers and evaluate at least the special offer you are writing and this one too. The best way to make sponsored content without alienating your readers is to weave it in my own specific publishing style. As I did with this sponsored publication and also this one of which I have written and published for Skillshare and Slideshare. $ 2,500 was charged for do. Unless you already have a large audience segment on another site. Social account that you plan to use to drive traffic to your blog.

You should help your readers grow to that point. It will take time when sponsored content is a viable monetization option. When I started blogging, my blog (in orange) is a snapshot of the first year of traffic, and my second year of traffic (in blue). How to start a blog (screenshot 1 of the year of Google Analytics traffic versus year 2 of blogs). As you will see, my first year of blogging saw around 9,000 readers in total, but in reality I was not taking blogs seriously and was still learning how to generate traffic. In my second year.

Traffic strategies

You will see that traffic begins dramatically as I begin to discover who my audience is and what traffic strategies work best for me, when I drive almost as much traffic per month. It started as much as I had received. Throughout my first year, tune in to my podcast episode with Preston Lee of, who mastered the art of blog sponsorship for his secondary blog … he regularly receives $ 15,000 / in sponsorship from top brands in the design and freelance industries but there are very fast ways to start monetizing your blog.

Freelancing (sale of their services), if you want to start making money with your blog right now, selling your services will be your least productive option so far. In fact, I am still independent today as a blog monetization channel: How to make money with your blog as a freelancer (screenshot of Ryan Robinson’s independent sales page).. You have a strong enough tone to get your first independent client, which will greatly help a blog.

Create pages

You want to create your pages (Contact, About, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy) and show at least one of the two examples of what kind of work you have done that you can present to an independent client soon and if you don’t have those work samples yet … don’t save them. Take a few days to create those sample articles, designs or other deliverables and host them in your own blog as if they were a project that you were paid to produce. If you have a skill that you can sell as a service, then you are ready to exclude potential customers and start launching. This ability can be something like this …

  • Writing
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Marketing
  • Grow
  • Public relations
  • Social media management
  • Virtual help
  • Community building
  • SEO or paid advertising campaign
  • Business strategy or project management
  • The list goes on … because any skill can be monetized

Today, I continue to regularly book new independent clients (such as LinkedIn, Zendesk, Adobe) for $ 5,000 / month or more and I have brought tips for creating and running content marketing campaigns for my blog but this is where I am today … where I have not started. My first independent client paid me $ 250 for each article he wrote for his blog. They discovered me through my blog, and they liked the style of content I was doing. So it was an easy decision for them to appoint me as a freelancer to complete their publication at a cheaper price You can do.

How to start a blog for free?

After realizing this, I started dating and launching other similar (non-competitive) new companies and online brands that clearly needed more business-related content for their blogs … more During the following year, I kept doubling prices Slowly, I would charge per item. Over time, I added new “extras” and also built a great community and brand for me, always experimenting with my offers to see what customers will pay more. You want to get (free) my collection of all the best resources.

That resource package is the culmination of more than 5 years refining my independent contract template, proposal template, cold email template, conversion of new customers and more. I have also prepared an in-depth guide to start working with freelance that you want to read and another great basis on how to develop a launch process that works for your type of business, for my freelancer’s guide to cold emailing. Oh! And if you want to try some websites where independent customers are already looking for talented help, here is my list of the best freelance job sites.

How to start a blog and make money?

Online Courses, once you have a skill (or experience) that other people also want to learn, it’s easy to group your best tips, strategies, tactics and tutorials into an online course where people accelerate their learning speed. He can pay, because otherwise they learn from him very quickly. Undergo the difficult learning process through trial and error. Last year alone, I generated more than $ 20,000 with the launch of a premium online course on the validation of business ideas. Online course sales (Stripe payments screenshot):

How to make money with my blog?

The best thing about online courses as a demonetization route for your blog is that you don’t need a large audience to start earning with the sale of courses. Once you have only a handful of readers on your blog, encourage them to chat with you. Ask questions, download gifts, share tips and communicate with them in person or join their email list and ask them to join you.

Learn about your biggest challenges (in relation to the broader topics covered in your blog). Indicate the ways in which you can help them by relying specifically on their skills, knowledge and experience. After determining the correct way to help a handful of your readers find a problem, preorder your course (ideally by email or by phone, either in person or in person by phone) Direct training from you meanwhile while working on the construction of the actual content of the course.

This will do 2 main things for you, first, asking people to really give their money earned with such effort will validate that they are solving a real problem. Second, you will find live test topics to help you build and prepare your course materials in real time in the coming weeks. Your curriculum may arise as a result of the lessons and strategies learned from your direct training time. I recommend you read and follow our ideas verification framework.

Online courses

Where your focus remains before selling your course to a small community of first users (or beta testers) and you build, test and refine them. Let’s talk to each other. Course content to ensure you do a great job solving your reader’s challenges. This is the exact process that I have undertaken to launch each of my online courses (some very small audiences of a few hundred people) and to earn five figures for each course that I have launched over the years.

Take your education a little further in your interview with Adda Birnir, founder of Skillcrush, where she has created a series of online training courses that reach more than 15,000 designers and developers over the years. Traditional Advertising In Blogs, link to the advertising network: In my blog right now, you will see a small ad bar just below a little information about me … Example of sidebar ad (screenshot) in blog. I am a member of a small advertising network called Carbon Advertising.

Which is associated with bloggers and announces them from new high-quality companies such as Slack, Asan, Freshbook, Monday, Upwork and others. I also have their short ad placements in one of my shorter traffic blog posts. Even now, with around 300,000 unique monthly readers on my blog, I only earn about $ 1,000 / month for being a member of this ad network. Some of the other ad networks offer higher rates of CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions).

BuySellAds and Propeller Ads

These  are not restricted in the types of brands and products that can be advertised on my site – Opt for low income to maintain the types of brands that I want to promote on my site. Some other important advertising networks that will be considered to be installed in your blog will be Google AdSense, BuySellAds and Propeller Ads. In general, traditional CPC or CPM ads do not become very profitable (at least as a viable source of significant revenue) unless you approach one million monthly readers.

So this is not a great monetization channel but if you find the right lever to start producing the right amount of traffic. This is a much faster way to activate the switch and monetize your reader if necessary. Watch my interview with Chasing Fox’s Grace and Silas Moser, who regularly earn about $ 20,000 / revenue from ad networks. They have cracked the code to generate large amounts of traffic from Pinterest very quickly, and recommend a lot of action.


Sponsorship of podcasts, another excellent way to start monetizing your blog is to start a simple (simple) podcast for your readers … and reserve the sponsorship and sponsorship of those brands’ books using both your traffic and the early audience figures Who wants to reach your type of readers and listeners. The development trajectory of my podcast in its first year is: You can also combine podcast ad placement offers with sponsored blog posts on your site to sweeten the deal.

What I like most about podcasting is that it gives me an excuse to interview some of the most interesting people in my industry and some of your statistics based on what you’re blogging. It can be relatively easy to start booking interviews. Look in your space. When I launched my program, I already had around 100,000 monthly readers on my blog and 20,000 email subscribers to win an initial audience. This allowed me to sell an initial sponsorship space of 10 episodes for Freshbook for $ 500 / episode, so that the fund could take out the show.


It worked because my blog was already there, but when you start with less traction, I will register some episodes and launch your program without trying to book a sponsorship in advance. Launch a handful of episodes and ask the guests you interviewed or mentioned to share with your communities. Those who like the melody and like their program will subscribe and stay. One of the best ways to reach more listeners and increase their number of downloads is to be invited in other (more established) podcasts at your location.

For more information about the mechanics behind starting a podcast with your blog, check this program on my blog. In sales and marketing. This is a true master class to start a podcast that you don’t want to miss. Affiliate Program, every month, I earn a decent amount of passive income from affiliate programs for bloggers of which I am a member (sometimes more than $ 50,000 +). For example, here is a screenshot of my blog revenue from a single affiliate program (Bluehost) during the first 5 months of last year.

How to start a blog?

How to start a blog and generate affiliate revenue. Since I started my blog six years ago, affiliate income has slowly become the largest source of income for my business and I have structured my blog to generate affiliate income as it once did. The (how much) hard work is to find a source of permanent traffic for your content. This is how affiliate programs work: get a special follow-up link from the company you are affiliated with.

Then, send that link via email within your blog posts, to your blog subscribers and interlace it somewhere else to reach your readers. When someone clicks on that tracking link and completes a purchase. They register (or, sometimes, any other metric). You earn a flat rate or a percentage of that sale. You are being compensated for referring your affiliated partners to new customers. Some of the biggest brands have affiliate programs.


Think of global companies like Amazon and even important players in specific niches such as online education where brands such as CreativeLive, Skillshare and Udemy have lucrative programs. Here is a snapshot of my recent earnings from just a couple of these programs: Nor is it necessary to be a member of the affiliate network to start earning.

Take my friend Preston Lee on the blog and the community for freelancers, Meet, for example. A few months ago, he launched a new weekly newsletter paid by email for freelancers that gave him the best concerts of the week, called SolidGigs. Since freelancers are a large part of my audience, they offered to establish me as an affiliate. Where I earn a flat rate for each newly paid customer who signed up as a result of an email or a click of my blog.

The week I sent my first email to my community about SolidGigs and about 100 people signed up to try it and this number only continued to increase for months, further increasing my recurring revenue from this channel. Here it is established that you do not need to limit yourself to the opportunities you have in the main opportunities related to you, such as ShareASale, Rakuten, flex Offer, Commission Junction and more.

Affiliate programs for bloggers

Once you have also created a small number of readers. If you are committed and see what you have to say, you send it again and again to the broker for different business owners, new companies and brands. An affiliate deals with those who wish to bring their products to the surface. I like your audience. For more information on the topic of monetizing your blog with affiliate income, check out these guides on my blog here: More than some best affiliate programs for bloggers to earn income from blog affiliates.

10 ways affiliate marketing can completely change your blog (and your secondary income). How can I earn an additional $ 1,000 per month with Amazon Affiliate Marketing (+ the tools I use). Now, let’s talk about starting a blog to generate income with physical products and software tools. Tools and products, electronic commerce and software tools: Even in the concept of starting an online course for the audience of your blog, another excellent way to monetize your audience is by selling a physical product or software tool to people in your community.

Readers of your blog

Especially if you are looking to sell products. Start an e-commerce store, so they relate to what your readers want. At the end of the day, everything returns to solve the problems of the readers of your blog. Take as an example the story of Matt Nelson, the creator of the We Rate Dogs Brand. When he and I sat down for a podcast interview a few years ago, he began demonetizing his Twitter with several million people tuned in a daily barrage of cute dog photos that he captioned with funny legends.

Nelson has launched blog and social networks in the large massive e-commerce business, from T-shirts, mugs, hats, a card game, stickers, nameplates, socks, pillows and more. What’s even more attractive about this business model is that Nelson doesn’t even need to store his own list of products. You can use print-on-demand-services to complete orders after an order has been placed and you can store your products at order fulfillment centers and store and ship more popular items so you can keep your garage Do not package or ship products with.


What used to be a much more laborious business, e-commerce has become an excellent way to demonetize the audience of readers in your blog and in addition to selling only to your audience, you can take advantage of loyalty programs that encourage customers to buy friends for the first time with offers such as customer discounts, one-month free trials, gift programs and more. These channels create opportunities to expand your message and spread your products through word of mouth marketing efforts that do not cost you or close to the same advertising rates.

Verification process

Here is a simple way to think about starting with your e-commerce efforts. If you can build relationships with up to 10 beginning readers and work with them to face a challenge for those who are interested in building a physical or digital product, then solve that problem yourself. Let’s focus later, then prepare an action plan for your way of working, personally those 10 people in their own unique situations to solve that problem. It also helps This will be very manual at the beginning but it is necessary.

Then, ask these 10 readers to “preorder” and work with them through personalized advice that you use to ensure that your final product successfully meets your challenge. It has all the necessary features for. At the end of this verification process. It will come up with a solution that is based on really helping your readers. Tune in to my interview with Hiten Shah, who used his personal blog to launch a series of profitable software tools as a result of interacting with his target audience and the assumptions he made with them.

Monetize your blog

Trade Association, of all the ways to monetize your blog, this is the most unexpected. Who knows who you will meet as a result of building your blog! What about future guests in your podcast! The possibilities of finding partnership opportunities are endless. As a result of continuing with my blog for many years, I was able to use it as a tool to meet some incredibly talented entrepreneurs. I have collaborated with my friend Jori (writer and content marketer) whom I originally met due to my blog, in the growth of a content marketing agency of $ 10,000 / month together, that we both still own all our other tasks as a parallel project.

I have also launched new websites (like SmartWP) along with other established bloggers whose audience is similar to mine. I even have a former podcast guest who helped me create a software tool that I had imagined for years. It is true that, in addition to expanding the reach of your personal brand and your blog, there are not many ways to authentically design this type of partnership to build … and then be receptive to the creative people and ideas that you see as others…….search your blog.

On the other hand, if there is someone in your place with whom you really want to collaborate and work, then make a strategy so that you can add value to your business first. Build a community of people that you know you also want to reach, and then start building a relationship with your influencer before presenting them with a collaborative idea. Do you want my free course.

How to start a profitable blog?

How to start a profitable blog in 7 days! Enter your name and email address and you will get instant access to my course for Forbes, Business Insider and Entrepreneur. Okay! Almost all guides on how to start a blog stop long before this point.

But, if you’re not useful to build a reliable blog business here, then … From now on, I will equip it with the tools (and proven strategies) to start a blog and build a real business around your blog; In my experience, this blog earns $ 50,000 / Over several months of the month. I recommend marking this guide as a favorite so you can revisit it regularly as your blog grows. Develop a long-term content strategy: How to start a blog with a harmonious content strategy (photos of submitted documents).

As I said, at this point most of the articles on how to close a blog but I think it is important to say not only how to launch your blog, but also what you are proud of (and something that really made a good part of your income). Over the years, I have developed my blog from a small parallel project to a profitable site that attracts millions of readers a year. Just because he started a blog, it is not a guarantee for readers. How to drive traffic here..and it didn’t happen by accident.

What is a blog?

I am lucky to work for some fantastic companies and (for your payment) learn about the importance of having a content strategy for your blog. And I have also successfully applied all those lessons to my own blog. Also, I learned how to get ideas for blog posts that my audience likes to consume more. First, when you learn, what is a blog and how to start a blog, why is there a content strategy? Creating a “content strategy” may seem like a complex, slow and loaded with buzzwords that requires an MBA and a barrel full of coffee but it really isn’t, a strategy is really just an action plan for everything you have already understood.

  • If you know your niche and you ……
  • If you know your ideal reader and what you are looking for …
  • If you know you want to give them your unique angle …

How to create a basic blog?

Then, creating a content strategy is as easy as solving the most pressing challenges for your readers. Better yet, when you feel invincible, a content strategy will help you (more than just a poster of motivational quotes can be completed at any time), when you don’t know what to write or when you give up. Thinking about your blog.

  • Create a basic blog
  • content strategy
  • Define your goal to learn how to start a blog
  • What do you want to achieve with the content of your blog
  • Do you want to drive traffic and get readers
  • For people to subscribe to your e-newsletter
  • To download a book you wrote or some other resource

This goal may change as soon as you start building your blog, but it is still important to know early. Vipul blogger and marketing guru Seth Godin explains. You have the freedom to make these decisions at the beginning, when they are free, fast and easy. Not later, when you are committed. You have the freedom to choose initially, not later when you are engaged.

Once you understand your great goal (that is, why you chose how to start a blog in the first place). We can begin to define mini-victories that will help you get there. Really know your readers: Your readers determine if your blog is successful or not and to write for them, you really need to understand them; That’s why it’s useful if it’s also writing for you.

This guarantees at least one viewer. I strongly believe that what you write for your blog post is as important as what you write. In many cases, it will be your ideal reader, which will facilitate the entire process but in almost all cases, doing a little search around the audience you are writing is useful (heck, you can even learn a little about yourself!) to begin.

Demography and Psychology

You must think about the demography and psychology of your ideal audience: Demographics: quantitative characteristics of its readers. Think, age, sex, location, position, etc. Psychographics: more “unequivocal” traits such as values, interests, attitudes and belief systems. Once you have written these qualities, you can begin to create an audience personality. The imaginary version of your ideal reader.

So, you can say that you are starting a cooking blog for parents that stays at home for 30 to 40 years in Portland for Chad, which does not value organic ingredients and is not too worried about food costs. Now, the next question is: Where does Chad go online! Are you looking for recipes on Google or Pinterest! Are you a great Facebook user or do you like the forums and sites of the niche community or do you comment on other cooking sites or are you only consuming the content to read!

Pillars of content

Creating the value of your money is the goal of your blog. You can’t do this unless you know who your ideal reader is and where you spend your time. If you are not completely sure, it is okay to have more than one ideal reader. It is important to make sure that your characters are not very complete (since your readers may not know what you want to write for them). Decide the pillars of content, when it comes to deciding exactly what you are going to write about.

It is good to have some guiding topics to which you are referring. I like to call these columns of content because they are the basis that contains the rest of your blog. Having some established pillars like this helps keep your blog focused. It also gives you a lens and a sound that you can write. For example, if you are starting a personal finance blog, your columns could be:

  • Personal finance tips and tricks
  • Interviews and stories of people who achieve financial freedom.
  • Your important financial industry news
  • Basic concepts of personal finance.
  • How to pay off your debt quickly.

Each of these columns can have 10 if 100 posts are not blog posts written under them. But all of them also work together to prove that you are their thought leader. Map the content you are going to create before creating a blog. Before launching your blog, you want the content to be ready beforehand. This is optional, and I personally do it both ways with new blogs, which depend on many variables but if you have a decent-sized audience on a social network that plans to alert after the launch of your blog, you’ll never know if your first post can fly and go viral.

Start a Blog

In that case, you want to have at least one game plan to attract the new readers you have won. I think it is important to create several blog posts before launching. We made 40 when we first launched them and put them on your site. If you want to get many viewers, you must first need to create that content from people. people want instant gratification.

Now, you don’t have to make an effort like Grace did and write 40 pieces of material before going live. It helped that she had been working full time in preparation to start a blog for several weeks before her big launch day. Even a post or two under each of your key content columns is certainly enough, but if the writing is easy, it’s fine to do a little more.

However, remember that it is always better to start small and grow steadily. When you start a blog, start small and commit to continue growing. Learn more about your audience, its process and what it does well when writing and publishing and finally, remember to have fun and be interesting. If you have chosen a niche that interests you, remember why you care.

Start a blog & earn money

People want to hear your voice and your words. How will this be your blog and your content in the end! The best content management and strategy tool (correct way to start a blog). Creating a blog content strategy (and sticking to it) can be a bit more difficult than before. Fortunately, there are excellent tools to help you stay organized, motivated and on track. These are some of my favorites:

  • Trello (free)
  • Google Docs (free) and Google Calendar (free)
  • CoSchedule (paid)
  • Airtable (free limited with paid upgrades)

Content development professionals (to find excellent writers to improve their content). Personally, I like to use a combination of Trello and Google Docs to manage my content channel. Trello because it is visually appealing and easy to understand, but Google Sheets is where I keep track of a lot of promotional work in progress, ensuring that my articles go up in organic rankings. This is what my Trello board looks like to manage my blog content. Use the Trello Content Calendar tool while learning to start a blog.

You can see that there are several different columns, indicating that the forum is currently posted (or even the page / post update). From ideas to selected, ongoing, scheduled and published, I really like Trello because I get a quick visual snapshot to get into a Google sheet without my content channel. After an article has been approved in my editorial process.

It does so in my Google Sheets editorial calendar, such as – Learning to start a blog when a snapshot of the Google Doctor editorial calendar. From now on, I will review the most granular: management of writing a description of my approach to address this issue, confirming my keyword research and this is where I spend time updating the status of the publication even after its publication. I will (when I secure new backlinks from the most authoritative sites or receive a press response).

How to start a blog?

Create a regular publication schedule (desktop photo set for blogger). If you want readers to constantly return to your blog, then you have to give them a reason. Consistency is one of the least celebrated but the most important aspects of starting a successful blog and one of the reasons why you learned how to start a blog in the first place. More than this, the research supports this claim. There are two reasons why stability is important. Write continuously:

Set expectations with your readers: people know when to return and verify your blog and regularly check for new content. Set expectations of yourself: if you lose a few days, it may be easy to quit regularly. However, if you decide on a schedule and know when to publish. We all do better in our lives with certain deadlines. Not only this, but continuous publication helps you test and understand what kind of content with your readers.

Start a basic blog for the first time

Chasing Fox’s Grace Moser shared with me during her interview, expanding her blog to millions of monthly readers by putting 4 to 6 content per week for several consecutive months before gaining real traction: Even if most of your posts are not viral, the more you publish, the better traffic will be sent on your way. The more you post on your blog, the greater your chances of going viral. Now, when you start a basic blog for the first time and want to establish a rigorous publication schedule, there is a very fine line for walking.

You may have a lot of ideas and enthusiasm, but excess is the easiest way to kill them both. Instead, you must commit to the minimum amount you wish to publish once or twice a week, and try to comply with that religiously. As writer and blogger James Clear said in an interview on my podcast, “Sacrifice the reach, don’t schedule.” If you cannot write a 1000 word post every week, write a 500 word post instead. Just make sure you are consistent. Perfectionism is a deadly killer when it comes to projects like this.

Free blogging course

So remember, fact is better than perfect. Perfectionism will kill your ambitions to blog. He did better than the best. This is where a calendar of content becomes so important. If you can spend a few hours each month and then assign all the publications you want to write, you will always know what to do and when to do it. This can happen in my free blogging course and or in a simple Google Doctor using a tool like Trello that allows you to track posts throughout the entire process, from idea to writing, publishing and promotion.

In the same way, when you work or invest money, the more consistent you are to invest in your blog, the greater the returns you will get. Oh, and note on the sidelines: Once you’ve started generating a good amount of traffic to your blog, it would be a smart decision in the long term to move your hosting plan to a managed WordPress hosting provider like Kinsta. Which includes even more There are features (which I am using now that I am in hundreds of thousands of monthly readers), especially when you need your WordPress blog Require speeding-up.

New blog post

Importance of photos and views in the content of your blog. One last step you should take before you can publish in your new blog post. Studies show that blog posts with images get 94% more visits than those that don’t and when it comes to publications that are shared on social networks, tweets with photos get 150% more retweets than those that don’t, while Facebook posts with images get 2.3 times more participation. Simply adding some visual elements can almost double the amount of views and greatly expand the shares that a publication gets.

In fact, the main things, including high-quality images, were the former famous chef and founder of What’s Gabby Cooking! Gaby Dalkin says his blog exploded in popularity: It wasn’t until I hired two of my best friends, who were food photographers and food stylists, that my blog really took off. Because people eat with their eyes and it allowed me to concentrate on what I love to do, which is to develop recipes and interact with my readers. Now, it is not realistic to think that you are going to hire a professional photographer to work on your new blog.

CRMs for small businesses

That is totally fine (hint: me neither). There are some amazing free blog photos and design resources that you can use to improve your posts. Even if you’re not very focused on the design. You can only use screenshots of products in your content, depending on the content, for example, my recent article on the best CRMs for small businesses. Free resource for blog photos, the easiest way to add some design elements to your blog post is with images. However, the term “archive photography” can make you think of strange photos of strangers in a fake office.


Which in recent years … has had a number of high quality sites, only to offer an incredible photograph. They are free Use it for your blog. Unsplash stock photo website for awesome blog images. Unsplash is probably the best online resource for your blog, user-uploaded images completely free. Each photo that appears in the unlock is taken by your team to ensure it is of high quality. Which means that you are not going through the terrible photos you are finding.

Under the Unsplash license, you don’t even have to submit photographers (though, they recommend it!). This is the easiest option for free blog photography. The Stock Photo site dies to get better blog images. If you are looking for something a little more special and are willing to spend some money, Death to Stock offers you a collection of free images that you can use on your blog every week. Or, for $ 12 / month, you can get access to more than 2,000 professional photos on their premium site.


Pixabay, screenshots of the Pixabay homepage to get archive photos for your blog. If it exceeds quality, Pixabay has a collection of 1.4 million photos, videos, images and vector graphics that you can use for free Many of these are from other free stock photo sites and the quality is not as curated as the other two, as I mentioned but it is still a good option if you want to move somewhere in time. Other excellent free blog photo resources worth mentioning.

Blog design

More than 21 million photos and images throughout history that are now public domain and free to use. New old stock: vintage photos from public archives. Many interesting options according to your niche and design style. Life of Pix: Very free photos of use donated by an advertising agency in Montreal, Canada. Free blog design resource, with archive photos, there are excellent design resources that can elevate the design of your publications and you don’t even need a deep understanding of Photoshop or a creative bone in your body to use them.


Canva for images and quotes from social networks: Canva tool (screenshot of the home page) to create a beautiful blog design. Canva is an amazing free design tool that exists since 2012. This is a drag and drop template for any design element you need for your blog, from Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook to custom quotes for your blog. Basic use is free and has access to a ton of design resources, logos and photographs. Visme for infographics and presentations.

Blog Visum design tool to create excellent images in your content. Like Canva, Visme is a free online tool that allows you to create custom designs for your blog. After registering quickly, you can choose from hundreds of templates for blog graphics, infographics, social publications and more. Screenshot of the Noon Project design tool for bloggers. If you have the design skills and want to work a little yourself. There is no better place for the Noun project icon. With over 1 million royalty-free icons.

Start a blog

This blog is a great resource for icons. Other excellent design resources to start a blog with the right foot: Subtle pattern: Basic blog background and independent market pattern created by TopTal. PicMonkey: an online photo editor with a fun smartphone application to edit personal photos. Pixlr: more advanced online photo editing for those who feel comfortable with tools like Photoshop. Thanks for reading my guide on how to start a blog! Read all my blog material. Final conclusion for new bloggers.

Are you all excited to overlook and catch up with your new blog? If you want people to read what you are writing, then you have to give them a reason. Write exciting content, connect with people in the space and share with enthusiasm what you are working on. Traffic, monetization and everything else will follow. I wrote this guide to learn how to start a blog because launching a blog has been one of the most powerful and transformative decisions I’ve made in my life and I hope that by now you feel pretty sure that you are starting your own blog to go out.


I would love your free 7-day course, I will teach you my proven step-by-step process to launch a blog in just 1 week and, of course, we will go deeper into topics such as driving. Traffic, my personal writing process, monetizes your blog and more. You can register (for free) and join the thousands of bloggers whom I helped get my sites up and running here …Quick summary of how to start a blog in 8 easy steps. To sum things up. When you want to learn how to start a blog, you must do the following:

  • Choose the name of your blog
  • Get your blog online (Web Hosting)
  • Design your blog with a free WordPress theme
  • Write your first blog post
  • Promote your blog and earn money
  • Develop a successful long-term content strategy
  • Commit to a regular publication schedule on your blog
  • Use free photos and designs to make your blog posts stand out.
  • Infographic: how to start a blog this year (for profit)

For those of you who are more visual students, I also broken down this infographic on how to start a blog and my personal process to generate traffic and revenue from your blog. Some steps to start a blog infographic, do you want to share this infographic on your blog too! Email me at and I will connect you. Blog Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions) How to start people.

growth of business

Every day I receive dozens of questions from readers (like you) who are learning to start a blog for the first time. Here are my answers to the most common beginner blogging questions that people also ask how to start a blog. A blog is a regularly updated website where new content is published frequently, usually written in an informal or interactive style, often with the aim of attracting readers and achieving certain types of objectives. Whether it be community building or growth of business.

For more information, see my complete guide.
Start a blog today

If you are just learning to start a blog, you may worry about the cost of creating and hosting your own blog. Fortunately, this is not a problem today. There are many ways to start blogging today (in half an hour or less). Free blogging platforms such as Medium, Tumblr and Blogger are amazing resources to try things. And these options are great … if your blog is a hobby.

However, if you want to make your blog a business or make money blogging. I recommend some paid options (still very affordable) like Bluehost that we cover in this step-by-step tutorial. If you don’t know whether to use a free or paid hosting provider to get started … here you should consider getting paid by the hosting provider:

  • When you go for free, you have no control over how your blog looks and works.
  • Most free services have limitations in monetization.
  • Switching or upgrading to a better service is ultimately a nuisance.
  • There is a lack of support when something goes wrong.
  • Free blog hosting services may disappear overnight.

All this is to say that you should think about your plan and what you want from your blog before starting. While it’s perfectly fine (and it’s easy) to know how to start a blog for free, sometimes a small investment in the front itself can be much more lucrative for the future.

How do you start a free blog?

If you want to start a free blog, you’re in luck! There are many ways to start blogging today (in half an hour or less). Free blogging platforms such as Medium, Tumblr and Blogger are great places to start a blog for free and start practicing the development of your writing skills, especially if your blog is intended as a hobby. Simply go to one of those sites, set up a free account and you’ll be blogging in a few minutes.

However, in the long term, if your blogging goal is to generate revenue from blogging, or eventually build a business around your blog, then a blog with one of the many low-cost hosting platforms as my personal favorite. Bluehost u Options You have to start as Dreamhost or HostGator will give you many more customization options, your own dedicated domain name (like and help and support for any technical challenge you may face in the coming months and years in your blog.

Disclosure: Keep in mind that when I buy accommodation using my previous discount link, I am compensated, which helps me create this definitive guide to start a blog for free. Note that I also use Bluehost hosting, and I would never recommend any product, tool or service that I personally do not use and defend.

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost to start a blog, depending on your goals and the type of blog you start, it will cost you about $ 34.50 to $ 65.40 (minimum) to start a blog in 2021. If you are only spending money on hosting, your Cover the expenses of the first year by writing your own material, using organic promotion efforts and maintaining a very tight budget.

If you need to buy a computer, a phone or other hardware in your equation, how much will it cost to start a blog. Then you can add between $ 200 and $ 2,600 in a single purchase, depending on the brand of the computer (Windows vs. Apple) and features (MacBook vs. MacBook Pro) that you decide.

In addition, there are too many variables to consider how much it costs to start a blog when it starts, depending on what type of blogger you want to be: Hobby Blogger (blogging just for fun or as a creative medium). Side hustle blogger (blogging in favor of your daily work to build a business slowly).

Email marketing

Full time blogger (blogging as a full time business).

If you are just starting and want to keep your new blog with a tight budget, then you will have a different threshold for costs, compared to someone who has a blog that already generates little income. It does when it makes sense to upgrade to a more premium version. The best web hosting, best add-ons, themes or more robust email marketing tools, such as expenses.

  • How much does it cost to start a hobby blog? $ 34.50
  • How much does it cost to start a side-hustle blog: $ 65.40
  • How much does it cost to start a full-time blog: $ 941.40

Here is a graph that also shows how much it costs to start a blog this year. How much does it cost to start a blog this year? Geographic response. And if you want an even deeper analysis, read my guide to create a budget for your blog and decide at what cost spring needs to make your blog grow. Do bloggers get paid, yes, most bloggers pay one way or another. Bloggers are paid through several demonetization routes.

Some of the best ways to receive payments from blogs include affiliate promotion, graphic advertising, sponsored content, freelance job opportunities, selling your own physical or digital products and many other ways I talk about this. Guide (above) when it comes to Blogging comes to earn money. Some bloggers, depending on the niche they work in, would prefer to pay their sponsors in the form of free trips, free products, exchanges or other forms of non-monetary compensation.

Monetization methods

How do you pay bloggers, becoming a blogger and paying for it are two different things. While it is a very realistic goal to start a blog and expect to start paying in several different monetization methods. Which you can implement for at least a few months of work, the reality is that most bloggers never earn an income that changes your life. from your blog. To become a blogger, all you have to do is publish your first blog post, either on a free blogging platform or through your own hosted blog (which I suggest).

Enough Boom Welcome to the world of blogs. Now, when it comes to really paying from your blog, there are a lot of options. By joining Display Advertising Network, to get sponsored publications from companies that want to make their readers, affiliate promotions and get freelance or consulting jobs, teach online courses, sell tech products, create software tools and more, pay There are many ways Different from doing this. Of the blogs. I break down my 8 favorite ways to monetize blog in this guide.

Monetize your Blog

How much do bloggers earn, the amount of income of bloggers can vary widely. While most bloggers earn very little (think less than $ 1,000 per year), especially in the early days of blogs, as your website traffic increases. You have more time to monetize your blog and earn a lot. More with him. Over the years, I have earned between $ 150,000 and $ 500,000 per year as a blogger for part time. My income from blogging can vary greatly depending on the number of sponsors I am managing.

How well I am posting in terms of generating traffic and affiliate income, joining my paid online courses Number of students. How many independent clients I accept and many others variables. While most bloggers generally don’t earn as much money with their blogs every year, there are many bloggers who earn much more, much more than me, some up to thousands of dollars every month. In addition, I am living proof that it is possible to start a blog from scratch and in a few months it starts to make money.

Digital products

Creating a profitable blog is about creating win-win habits, intentionally build your readers and find ways to win-win to win with them. How do blogs for beginners make money, early blogs earn money from a variety of sources that do not require a large number of readers, such as getting freelancers or clients, to get opportunities to be paid speakers. If you have experience in your industry, then one by one. A course of coaching, teaching-person or online, selling physical or digital products.

If you want to generate readers quickly for your blog AND are capable of sponsored content, affiliate promotion, readers the opportunity to get more economic benefits through things like selling their advice. Many of these blog courses dive even deeper into the monetization of your blog.
How long does it take to make money with blogs, if you earn something from your blog for the first time, you can earn money by blogging in at least 1 month.

However, if you are talking about more significant income levels (or recurring income flows), then 3 to 6 months is a more realistic time frame if you can allocate your increasing amount of time. However, there is definitely a long-tail effect, where the longer you stay with blogs (1, 2, 3+ years), and the more content you have published on your blog, the more authority you will have on your site but, Joe will receive more readers and, therefore, you should earn more and more.

Connection with Bloggers

As a reference, six years in blogs, I am now earning $ 50,000 / month over the course of a few months from my blog. Also, the time to earn money with your blog varies depending on many different factors, such as the topics you are writing. If you have an existing audience somewhere (or start from scratch). How much time can you allocate to write and promote the content of your blog, if you have a connection with bloggers, brands or more established websites that give you guest posts!

Taxes can help accelerate your progress, so what methods do you choose to start monetizing your blog (see my section on demonetization above)) because some are much easier / faster than others, how much you can implement your monetization strategy and Many other variables. How do I start a personal blog, if you are blogging as a hobby, or if you want to start a personal blog, then the first step to start a personal blog is to choose if you want a free blogging platform like Medium, Tumblr and Blogger (which all come with limitations) want to use.

With the ultimate goal of earning revenue from my blog using self-hosted WordPress installations and ultra-economical hosting in less than $ 3.00 / month from a company like Bluehost, and later than my personal blog. How it works, personally, I recommend following the path of a self-hosted WordPress blog, since you will own your own domain name, control everything about the design and brand of your blog, and your There is more flexibility in terms of making money than money. Blog which I cover extensively here in this guide.

Start your own blog

How do you start a blog for beginners, starting a blog is easy for beginners, we divide it into ten simple (quick) steps in this guide, and in less than ten minutes you should be able to start your own blog and be on the Internet, even that too as a total debut. Start at the top of the guide here. How do I create a free personal blog, you can create a personal blog for free on many different platforms, including Medium, Tumblr and Blogger, which are great places to practice writing if your blog is designed just for hobbies or just for fun.

Now, if on the other hand you want to make money with your blog, you want to opt for a self-powered WordPress blog with extremely affordable hosting ($ 3.00 / month) from a company like Bluehost. Why Although you can certainly make a free personal blog with one of the sites, your options are very limited. You will get stuck with the main brands of the free blogging platform you choose. You will lose your own domain name (like and the opportunity to have several passive monetization channels to make money with your blog.

Earn money from blog

Blogs on free platforms are likely to be somewhat restricted when you start a blog following the steps described in this guide, you will be the owner of your website and have unlimited control over every decision you make. So, if your goal is to build a business and earn money from blog, then your only smart option is to choose a self-hosted blog with WordPress (like mine) and affordable hosting from a reliable company like Bluehost.

How to start a free blog?

The best way to start a free blog and earn money is to choose a simple platform of free blogs like Medium, Tumblr or Blogger and create a quick profile for you. You can earn money from your blog relatively quickly if you build a reputation as an expert in your industry. To write regularly, participate with others in your niche, establish contacts to build relationships and position yourself as a consultant, paid speaker, a book for your free blog Participate in the deal or use your new reputation to become a coach, teacher or mentor for others who want to learn from you.

Oh yes Blogging is more relevant than ever in 2021. Today, my blog generates revenue of $ 20,000 to $ 60,000 / month. If you ask me, this is very relevant, and millions of other bloggers are building the business behind learning how to start a blog first and monetize their audience. Whether you’re learning to create a blog for your full-time job, one day hoping to turn it into a profitable business, or with another goal in mind, consider blogging to be one of the best. Ways to build audiences.

Products and Services

If you can create an audience of people who are tuning in to their usual content, then you have found the basis to serve those who are with your products and services or by recommending other products and services, when charging) an affiliate fee for that reference. Why should start a blog, some good reasons why you should start a blog (and not 4 reasons). If you are considering starting a blog, here are six good reasons why you should start today:

  • Good reason # 1: He likes to write about a particular topic (and in the end he gets paid)
  • Good reason # 2: you want to create an online business for you
  • Good reason # 3: you want to build your personal brand
  • Good reason # 4: you want to make a change in the lives of others (a blog can be your platform)
  • Good reason # 5: you are like a new (profitable) hobby to explore
  • Good reason # 6: you enjoy learning new things.

If one or more of these inspirations about the ring are true to your feelings about blogs, then you should definitely try to see if it’s right for you. On the other hand, there are some reasons not to start a blog. If your goals, ambitions and motivations are wrong from the beginning, then it will be very difficult for you to build a blog and gain enough traction to continue building your site with it in the months and years that follow. If you identify primarily as one of the motivations below to start a blog, then I will reconsider if a blog would really be your best vehicle to achieve these goals. Or not:

  • Bad reason # 1: you want to make money fast
  • Bad reason # 2: you want to write (only) about your life
  • Bad reason # 3: you read a lot of blogs and it sounds very funny
  • Bad reason # 4: you want to get free products and compiled trips.

There are other ways to achieve the goal of earning money. You can use a free platform like Instagram or Medium to write about your life for friends and family. Don’t rush to blog to think about some serious challenges like this. It will take at least 3 to 6 months to start earning from your blog. Creating the following Instagram will be a faster (and easier) way to get only free products and sponsored visits to blog.

How do I determine how much demand I have for topics I want to blog about:

Keyword research tools

Before diving into determining demand, cover an important term. Estimated monthly search volume (MSV). This is an estimate that you can get from free or paid keyword research tools such as SEMrush, Wordstream, Ahrefs and KWFinder, which give you an idea of how many searches you have performed on the keyword phrases you run through the Give tool. It is very simple. On the other hand, determining a level of demand for a given set of keyword phrases is much more subjective and open to interpretation.

But I have a free tool that I can use to help you verify the search demand. Together, called the tester of demand niche. You can see it in my free course here and here is my definitive guide on keyword research to create a smart content strategy. If you ask 100 different experienced bloggers, you will get 100 different answers. These are the categories that I personally use to determine the level of demand for a keyword phrase when I ran it through a keyword research tool:

  • Very low (<1,000)
  • Less (1,001 – 2,000)
  • Medium (2,001 – 5,000)
  • High (5001 – 10,000)
  • Very high (10,000+)

Keep in mind that we are talking about the amount of monthly searches here and in terms of how much search demand in a given niche thematic area, which is a great place to start as a beginner..(Blog). Eventually, as your blog grows and has a regular flow of new readers, you can search for keyword phrases that are worth tens or hundreds of thousands of monthly searches (even millions) but here we are talking, moving on to phrases from keywords in a specific subject area, you can rank your content really well, including the search engine.

Travel Blogs

A good level of Ng. The place I chose to learn the blog I want to start is crowded, being separated in some small way! There is the opportunity to put your blog at the top of any industry, no matter how competitive it is today. Take the example of travel blogs. While there are more competitors in this space. It generally has a much higher demand for more content than many other industries, and proven demand is a very good thing when it comes to starting a blog.

There are literally countless travel destinations around the world, and travelers always need additional supplies when it comes to planning trips. The fact that others cover the same fate does not mean that you cannot do it, and still find your readers. However, to really stand out in your niche, you must think of ways to differentiate yourself and the content of your blog. Examples of discrimination can be the following:

  1. High quality photographs based on location
  2. Considering a “Local Guide” for each city
  3. Having deeply written content exceeds what others write
  4. The best images of shooting sites you need to see
  5. Documenting your behind the scenes trip on Instagram.

Do not state the fact that the topic you love prevents competitors from choosing to start a blog about it. In any case, this is an opportunity to be inspired by competitors doing a good job for them.And adapting it to their style, strengths, interests and continuing to build their unique style to blog over time. I have written a lot about how to get readers to visit your blog about how to drive traffic to your website. One of the best ways to attract readers to your blog is to create content that can be shared and that people really want to read.

Online Communities 

After that, you should nail your SEO on the page, start posting guests on other blogs and websites that have an existing group of readers that might be interested in saying, sharing on social networks Doing, participating in relevant online communities. Be interviewed in podcasts, launch a YouTube channel, organize webinars, speak at conferences, organize idiosyncrasies on television and do more than just the point of balance. Getting on Local Television and more that I break down here.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a simple blogging platform that started in 2003 to help publishers, bloggers and businesses quickly create, publish and maintain websites without having to hire a technical team to help them create. But WordPress has changed a lot since then. For more information, see my complete guide.

Yes! To be clear, there are two different versions of WordPress. Most bloggers use the version of, which acts as a 100% free CMS (content management system) that drives most websites on the Internet. Here I use it as a back-end CMS to boost my blog, and I can’t recommend it anymore, since it is very customizable and is completely free. Now, another version of WordPress, you’ll find on

Difference between and

While the service is operated and operated by the same parent company that maintains the free version of WordPress. The com version is how the parent company generates revenue with its blog hosting plans (this is how they can keep the .org version). Wordpress bloggers for all of us). With, you can also start a blog for free but as we have covered earlier in this guide.

Is WordPress free?

It will come preloaded with the prebuilt WordPress brand and your blog will be a subdomain like yourblog.wordpress It will remain in com as instead of Your own custom domain. Those emails will also contain your Bluehost login credentials, where you will manage your hosting plan, settings and keep your billing information up to date.

Now, if you can’t find those two emails, you must reset your password. In WordPress, you can see “Lost your password?”, Just below the login field on your WordPress login page ( one). You can reset your password by clicking on the link. You can reset your Bluehost password. Will you learn to start a blog today!

Wow! Okay, there are many questions, but please keep them here in the comments below. I will answer as soon as possible. Now, I want to know how you are learning your trip to start a blog. Thanks for reading my guide on how to start a blog! If you enjoyed this, please share, like, comment and read all my blog posts on Blog Page.

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