Approval Trick 2020 approval trick 2020: website approved in 24 hours. Hello friends, through this article, I will tell you all the 2020 Approval Trick, so that everyone is interested in knowing, so everyone should read this article very carefully and if everyone reads this post very carefully, then they can easily get approval on their website too.

Because folks, I am going to tell you some very important things, that if everyone applies to your website, then the theme will be approved on your website, anywhere where you have no problem. All of you will get your approved website in just one day.

So all of you, please read this article very carefully and if you don’t understand everything, if you have any problems, you can tell me in the comment below. I will always reply to the detriment of all comments. approval trick 2020

So, let’s get to know in detail about Approval Trick 2020. If all of you don’t get approval from Google Adsense either, then you all face some problem, then all of you who are the best choice for Google Adsense, ie media people they can also use it. You can earn money and you can also transfer that money directly to your bank account.

So, in this article, I will tell you to complete the four or five things, if everyone follows them, everyone can easily start earning on your website, that is, media dot net and from there. So friends is also a big company, so it has a policy.

If all your websites don’t follow those policies then will reject your website or domain and after rejecting all of them I will not be able to use AIDS there. If everyone reads this article carefully, they will be able to get their own website at approval trick and domain approved within 24 hours. Let me friends, now I will tell everyone in the final 2020 media approval hack what the hack is and how to use it for all of you, so you all get approval as soon as possible if everyone you guys are regular If you use this trick everyone will get approval on Google Adsense.

# 1. Unique article in English language

So friends, the first condition of is that all the articles on your website must be written by you. You do not need to copy everyone from other websites from anywhere, which can cause problems for you.

Also, the language of all articles on your website must be English, if it is in Hindi, will not approve your website. Keep this in mind and if there is an article in Hindi on your website, please update it in English first.

# 2. Submit website In Bing and Google

Friends, another trick to get approval on is that all people’s websites, regardless of blog, should be in the block bing webmaster tool and in google webmaster tool, if not So, first submit your website here and after submitting your website, everyone should keep a sitemap of their website as it is very important as well.

# 3. Maximum traffic from US, UK, Canada

The third trick to getting Friends Media dot net approval is that all traffic to your site must come from all countries like USA, UK and Canada. That is, the maximum traffic should come from your country and it should be less traffic from India. This is a policy that is very important to follow.

So if your site doesn’t get traffic from these countries, you can go all over Facebook and join the Facebook group from these countries and Delhi can share your website and articles a little bit and a lot of traffic it can bring. there. You will be approved.

# 4. Create a policy page and use the best theme

So folks, the trick to get approval from our youngest, i.e. the previous is that you need to create a policy page on your website and after creating the policy page you should use a good template On your website, if everyone is good, don’t use the template, you may have problems.

So, on the friends policy page, everyone has a lot of tools on Google, you can also create them with the help of them and you can upload them to your website or you can make them all by yourself, then this also works It needs to be available to everyone .

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Friends, through this article, I told you all about Approval Trick 2020. If everyone uses this trick, everyone will get approval within 24 hours. And they will have no problem, however if everyone has a problem then you can all tell me in the comment below, I will definitely help you.

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