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How to make your online classes more engaging, commitment is the key to the success of any virtual classroom. Here’s how you can make your online classes more engaging! Ensuring that students participate in online classes is an important part of the learning experience. This ensures that they get the most out of their lessons and makes sure there are no leaves. Virtual classrooms are different from online classes or normal classrooms and students can be easily distracted.

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When teachers strive to make their online classes more engaging and interactive and students naturally participate more in the lessons and stay focused. Engaging attached students is beneficial for everyone. Change the flow of the classroom and improve the experience for all other students and teachers. Here are some ways that teachers can make their online classes more engaging, how to make your online classes more attractive!

This may seem like a cliché, but it is important for engagement. The story has the power to attract a student’s attention by making the text more believable. Facts and figures are an integral part of learning but stories feed on students’ emotions and inspire them to be with them. When studying something, different stories make it easier for them to retain the content and better understand the text. As an online teacher, don’t be afraid to make your lessons more reliable by using videos or other resources.

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A lighthearted video can be left unlicensed for a few laughs and smiles but it’s best to believe that they will enter the minds of students. Creating creative and fun presentations and videos will ensure your students learn more while getting some chakli in class. Emotional content, get to know your students and find out what they like. Once you figure it out, create content that connects emotionally. For example, if your students like superhero movies.

Include a few movie scene clips in your lessons to help them remember difficult concepts. For example, if some dates are difficult to retain in history lessons, combine them with names of superheroes or whatever your students are. Graphic elements, going through blank slides with long black text is extremely tedious. Anyone would benefit from it, especially students. Therefore, you need to make things more colorful and dynamic.

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Introduce some graphics into your lessons, like famous memes, some short animated video clips, GIFs, movie scenes, etc. When students are taking weekly tests, have a fun countdown timer. For example, for a science-based course, you can show your students a snippet from “The Big Bang Theory” to make things fun. Different ways to help students study, taking classes online and studying at home without a school and library structure for students can be challenging.

Deviations can occur at home or in places of distressed learning that can affect test results and students learning abilities. To make it easier to maintain what you teach your students, use flashcards and games at the end of each lesson. Many online platforms allow teachers to create games and flashcards related to the intended subject. They are mostly educational and have audio clips to help students with pronunciation.

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In ManyCm, users can add images and GIFs as digital props, which is a great way to make their online classes more engaging. Drag and drop animated GIFs into ManyCm to create new effects for your live broadcast, online classes and video calls. Check out this blog post and learn how to improve your online learning with many more! Interactive questionnaire, interactive quizzes are an excellent tool for students to become interested in what they have learned.

Use online platforms where quizzes use the game to get answers, keeping students hooked. Instead of constantly going on social media or watching TV, they will focus on interactive quizzes and educational games. Explore online tools, provide different ways to make classes easier for your students. Google offers a variety of shades to make learning online exciting. Finally, you can use Gmail to share notes with your students and encourage everyone to interact.

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For example, ask students to create a Gmail account for classes. Use Google Drive to upload slides and lecture recordings that are easy for your students to use. Google Hangouts can be used for private conversations between students and any issues you may have. Copies of exams can be shared with them in person via Gmail. Use Google Excel Sheets to track daily student performance and progress, bookmark sheets, timesheets and more.

Community and feedback – creating a community around your online classrooms can really help keep students out of “school hours.” Group chats can be created for student discussion forums on course content and other topics. It is important to give students feedback and show them that you care about their growth. When you build this sense of community, you can also get feedback on what you can improve in your virtual classrooms. With Google Forms, you can also create a survey for students to fill in anonymity related to their point of view in online classes.


The success of any online class depends on many moving parts, and the participation of students is the most important of them. Since virtual classrooms have been around for some time. We must do our best to make online classes more attractive. This will ensure that students learn more each time they come to class. It’s about offering engaging content that adds value to your learning experience, best online classes or Online Education Background Ideas.

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Enhance your online lessons and help students learn more with these online education background ideas! Online education background can play an important role in online classes. The wrong background can be very disruptive and hamper the learning experience for students. However, the right background can keep your students busy and help them learn more. In this blog post, we have compiled the top online education background ideas for your next online lesson.

Why use virtual funds for online learning, whether you teach from home or have a setup space for your online learning, changing your actual origin can always be a hassle, not to mention expensive. Meanwhile, having the same experience without any innovation can be boring for students after a few lessons. The best option is to use virtual online education funds, which gives you:

  • Full background control
  • Possible changes to keep students interested
  • Power to increase your classes online

Here are 6 ideas for the best educational backgrounds online. If you want to use the virtual background in your online classes, virtual videos and lectures, check out several. To use the Virtual Fund feature, users need a subscription to Studio, Premium, or Enterprise. A straightforward way to give your online lessons a “learning environment” is to use the classroom background.


In ManyCam, when you go to the Virtual Background tab and click Replace. One of the available options is Classroom, if you find other classroom images online that you think will be perfect for your lesson, all you have to do is save them to your computer. Then follow these steps:

  • Go to ManyCam (Virtual Background tab)
  • Click on the picture box to select your virtual background
  • Click Custom, browse and select the saved image.

Conference slideshow, as far as online education background ideas go, it is the most practical. Most online teachers, especially college professors, public speakers, and lecturers, use slide shows as part of their lessons. If you have your slide deck ready and you want students to pay attention to your content, use them as your virtual backdrop. Another attractive background idea is to use a map as a background. Depending on the map you select.

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It can be embedded as part of your text. Otherwise, it can also just be a subtle backdrop, not too distracting, but still interesting. If you are on Windows, you can add live maps, satellite images, and any other website as the background. As we have done in this example, if you are looking for the most useful educational background ideas online, here is one for you. In ManyCam, you can simply remove your actual background and add a blank image as a background.

Then you can write it down and draw it like a blackboard. This can help you create a learning environment in which students learn through both pictures and audio. You can also add blackboards or chalkboard pictures for a more realistic classroom experience. Another virtual background idea is as a background for your YouTube video. It’s perfect for online teachers to explore their creativity and add some novelty to their lessons.

Online Education Background Ideas

You can choose videos related to your theme and abstract videos with beautiful images to serve as the animated background. If you have your own YouTube videos, this can be an opportunity to merge the two worlds. Custom Online Education Background Ideas, the possibilities of virtual funds are truly endless. In addition to all the online education background ideas mentioned above, you can also create virtual backgrounds with personal images and videos to use.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a design expert because there are free online tools to help bring your ideas to life. One of the web tools available is Canva, and it comes with tons of templates. Check out the full tutorial! Once you’ve created your image, you can download it to your computer and then add it as your virtual background at first, following the steps we have mentioned. These virtual background ideas can be applied to any type of online learning from K-12.

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