The scientists made a molecular map of the striatum: The striatum, the inner part of the brain, It is considered essential for decision making and the development of various addictions

The Scientists Made A Molecular Map Of The Striatum: The Striatum, The Inner Part Of The Brain, It Is Considered Essential For Decision Making And The Development Of Various Addictions

The scientists made a molecular map of the striatum:

The striatum, the inner part of the brain, is considered essential for decision making and the development of various addictions. With the methods used in mouse models and to map cell types and brain tissue.

A team of researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden was able to visualize the organization of several opioid islands in the striatum.

Focusing on the characterization of patches and matrix compartments; Genetic labeling of neurons that express the opioid receptor mu reveals the identity of neuron subtypes and also establishes spatial markers for the identification of subparts in the striatum.

In the study, Drs. Constantino Melatis and his colleagues created a 3D molecular map of nerve cells attacked by opioids and showed how they are organized in the striatum.

“Our map forms the basis for a new understanding of possibly the most important brain network for decision-making,” said Dr. Meletis said.

“This can contribute to a greater understanding of the common reward processes and the impact of various addictive substances on this network.”

To find this molecular code, the researchers used single-core RNA sequencing, a method to study small differences in individual cells and mapping striatal gene expression.

The results provide the first demonstration of molecular codes that divide the striatum into three main levels of classification: a spatial organization, a patch matrix and a specific cell-type organization.

“With this new knowledge, we can now begin to analyze the function of different types of nerve cells in different molecularly defined regions,” said Dr. Meletis said.

“This is the first step to directly define the role of networks in decision making and addiction control with the help of optogenetics.”

“This new knowledge can also form the basis for the development of new therapies based on a mechanistic understanding of the brain network,” the scientists said.

The development of the new Salem map is described in an article in the journal Cell Reports.

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