Website Adsense Rejected 3 Common Mistake New Blogger

Website Adsense rejected 3 common mistake New blogger. Hello friends, today I will tell all the new bloggers who make such mistakes, that they don’t get Google Adsense approval on their website Adsense rejected 3 common mistake.

And then everyone wants to know and learn and If you want to get Google Adsense approval On the website.

You will all keep reading this article from start to finish, because today I will tell you about the three common mistakes that new bloggers often do that on their website. Get ranked on Google and don’t accept Adsense.

Now let me tell you everything, AdSense Rejected 3 Common Mistake. So if everyone wants to know and learn and wants to work well with Adsense approval on their website, today you are going to like this post from the start.

Keep reading until today.

I will tell you in detail what are the mistakes you make us all so that Google Adsense does not approve your website, then let us know. 

AdSense rejected: 3 common mistakes new bloggers

So if you are all new bloggers too and now you have all started a new website of your own and after applying it on Google Adsense your website has been rejected by Google Adsense then no stress should be taken.

I have told you all the errors, that I will tell you with complete information, that if you make all the corrections. Your website will easily load with Google Adsense, so let us know which are the most common.

The mistake is that you all do it. Friends, look, if you want to live life with all Google Adsense, then, whatever error you are making, you will have to rectify all the errors you are making.

I will tell you with complete information.

If you haven’t received AdSense approval yet, you can say in the comment below, furthermore if you have any kind of problem then in the comment below from Iaga I will definitely reply to your comment about your problem. It will solve all.

Adsense rejected 3 common mistakes

So folks, you know what mistakes you are making so that not everyone gets AdSense approval and if they get better will they get AdSense approval?

Then they will know everything completely. Take it and I’ll tell you. Some common mistakes you all make.

# 1. Copyrighted images

Friends, the first thing that is a common misstep is the copyright image, folks, you are not getting Adsense approval, you have written to the content itself.

Then the first reason is that if the copyright image is available to everyone Copyrighted Images Use If you don’t get Google Adsense approval on your blog website, then what to do for it.

If you don’t want to create an image yourself, you can search for those copyright free images at Google Like You Many of these websites will be found that provide images for free so you can download from there and you can use it on your blog website and your website will be Adsense approved.

# 2. Short content and pages

The other common mistake after that is that the content and the main pages are not what you create and many people don’t add the content that they create.

I mean, folks, if you want to get approval for all Google Adsense ads on your blog website, everyone should write all the articles of the above 500 words.

And only then will they get less approval than available in Word, but in In such a case, the number of posts on the K website should be higher.

In addition to all of this, everyone has to get their website related to their contacts, privacy policy and disclaimer, all of them as soon as they want to create and put content, and if they do they will easily approve it too. You will get it.

# 3. Copy content

In addition to all this, the third common mistake is copying content. You, who are often new bloggers, copy the content of others’ website and post it on your website so that you can get the policy poll and theme of your website.

There is no burden with Google Adsense, plus there are a lot of naked people who collect content from other websites and spin it. She puts on her website not approving of all that this job has to do.

If you want everyone to approve the wrong submission, everyone should write the content on their own, then I think everyone must have understood me.

So this is a common mistake new blockers make, if everyone follows them well then your website will definitely be approved by Adsense.

About the post

Friends, today I told everyone in this post that about AdSense Rejected 3 Common Mistake, if everyone solved this.

And then easily your entire website will be loaded with Google Adsense and all of you can also use Google Adsense. Can be used. If you start earning mornings with everyone, if the people like this post, share the necessary dream with friends.

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